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    Originally Posted by UpliftKnight View Post
    Can anyone give me HG/SS or D&P tilesets?

    Also can anyone tell me how to resize and make a tileset transparent which is downloaded.
    I tried downloading deviantart but it is too small for pokemon essentials, so if anyone can tell how to resize it will help me alot
    Even the Paint has this feature to double the image size. Put the twice as the file size

    DPP Tiles:
    Originally Posted by Final Destination View Post
    Nevermind! Found it!
    I'll share the link with everyone once it gets uploaded, okay?
    Edit: It's uploading into my Dropbox right now. There will be an additional file I will include; an Extras folder, that will include more resources, and Platinum sprites! Look forward to it very soon .

    Dewitty,, Nintendo, Chocosrawloid, Kymotonian, milomilotic11, and Neo-Spriteman. For the Neo-Spriteman's Resource Pack in there, if you use it. If you use the 160A sprites, give credit to Give credit to Aeonos and Mastermind_X.

    And here's what you've been waiting for; 4th Gen Matt's Pokemon Resource Pack! Note: Give credit to these people:
    RM2k3Kid - D/P Character Sets
    Aeonos and Mastermind_X - Platinum Sprites and Arceus forms.
    The Ghoul - R/S Music - FR/LG Music - G/S Music - Colosseum Music
    Ava - XD Music
    PoKeMaKeR - For being cool and pointing me in the right direction for some music downloads.

    Now, here's the link, but you will be able to use it one condition: You give credit to the people I told you to give credit to!

    Originally Posted by FL . View Post
    I am searching for:
    Originally Posted by xalien95 View Post
    Does anyone have the TherianLandorus, TherianThundurus, TherianTornadus, WhiteKyurem and BlackKyurem cries? (in .wav format)
    I need them for the new forms :D
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