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Originally Posted by ShinySearcher01 View Post
That may be true, but the fact is that some people are going to do this, and pretty much any other modern web browser can display these pages just fine.
Heh. I'm actually a bit grateful that IE10's quirks mode for these messed up pages is in line with other browsers now, and they are still keeping the IE5 mode just in case.

People managing to make the DTD mistake need to have a crash course on web standards, since it tells the browser what to expect in a way - if the DTD does not exist or is invalid, almost all browsers will assume that the page is nonstandard and might need to make concessions to page layout and scripting.

I've seen my fair share of personal and experimental sites that fail in IE9 by default due to lack of a proper DTD, but flipping the F12 switch and forcing Standards fixes mosdt of them. Hmmm....
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