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thanks friend, this hack is a great time killer "

* yeah...the new locations really help you get immersed in the game *

@Danny-E 33

sounds good, and good luck with your romhack !!

* but the pokemap tools are a little tricky to use...i would love to change up the dialog a bit *


sorry about should have a reply from me today.

* you are welcome to do more let's plays *


ha ha, always !!

* and good luck with your future works *


yeah, was a little surprised as well >_<"

* i guess most people skipped these games *


thanks friend, i am happy to hear you enjoyed the hack !!

* sure shoot me a PM anytime *

@Hacker Bisharp

cool friend, let me know what you think "

* after you beat the elite 4 *


version 3.0 is out now...i will post info here soon

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