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    I doubt this will ever happen.

    Using your examples, Gamefreak would have to completely rework their entire battle system to incorporate something as complex as this and it leaves a lot of drawbacks.

    Muddy Water...If Water/Ground typing as stated, would do x4 Damage to a Fire type due to the Fire type having weakness to both Water and Ground. It would do x8 damage to a Fire/Rock. Now this is assuming you don't Multiply further and just add the two weaknesses together. Now when immunity comes into play, Muddy Water wouldn't be able to hit Flying types. While Water is Neutral, Ground types don't effect Flying types so a new move has just been negated.

    Resistances can also mess up how this works. Say you have a Grass/Poison attack, that attack would do nuetral damage to a Ground type Pokemon since it is Weak to Grass and resists Poison type attacks.

    There would be too many conflictions.
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