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I love the idea and it certainly makes sense for some moves, but it's not something I'd like to see implemented for all the reasons above. Perhaps a way around it though could be to include moves which as their secondary effect have "Also acts as Ground type" or something? So for example with a move like Scald, it could deal Water type damage but then multiply damage by 1.5x, 1x or 0.75x depending on their resistance to Fire? There's nothing saying that if moves are dual type they'd have to follow the same multipliers as the current types do, so I reckon it could work well if moves like Muddy Water or Scald have a primary type (in this case Water) with the usual multipliers, then a secondary type (Ground or Fire respectively) with smaller multipliers. It's a somewhat unnecessarily complex mechanic for them to add for something like this, but I can't imagine it working very well if the multipliers are all 2x, 4x, 0.5x, etc as like they said above, things would get chaotic.
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