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    I'm still working on the plot and some other things, but I want to ask what you guys what you think of a pokemon journey RP I'm making.. :3


    .:: I N N O C E N C E ::.
    A Pokemon Journey Roleplay w/ Tales of Innocence themes
    Rated T

    “Someone was hurt before you, wronged before you, hungry before you, frightened before you, beaten before you, humiliated before you… yet, someone survived… You can do anything you choose to do.”
    –Maya Angelou
    P R O L O U G E

    Long ago, the Kingdom of Zaude were in a state of a war. People used powerful war beasts known as pokemon to carry out tasks of dominance, slavery, and occupation on those who defied the Zaude empire. The few of the most intelligent and powerful of these pokemon shunned the humans and pokemon who participate in the war, and kept themselves secretive in the world. These pokemon included: the pokemon of water, Suicune, the pokemon of fire, Entei, and the pokemon of lightning, Raikou. These three pokemon despised the idea of pointless battles and wanted peace for mankind, and pokemon. However, equally powerful and intelligent pokemon arose to promote the idea of courage and bravery brought from the ruthlessness of battles and war. They also believed that you should not run away from your beliefs that can only be defended by fighting. These pokemon were known as the musketeer pokemon: Terrakion, Virizion, and Cobalion. While these legendary pokemons' ideals conflicted, each were right in their own way.

    One day, as the battles continued, a dark cloud started to form under the battle field, that formed a powerful radiant blue lightning, striking down the soldiers, like a god, smiting his enemies. This was followed up by a radiant red fire that burned the rotting decay of the dead bodies, as if it was cleansing the land. The legendary pokemon then watched as when the fire and lightning storms were over, a colorful rainbow appeared, as it seemed to regain life to the barren land. Grass grew, the sun rose, and the land once again became habitable. All that seemed to happen in a blink of an eye - almost like a dream.

    With the war over, The Imperial Capital of Zaude kept itself in peace. Pokemon and humans grew better and better relationships with each other, and re-made Zaude into a more safe, and peaceful society. Professor Vayne, a pokemon professor who studies the legendary 6 pokemon who watched over Zaude during the war, spent years, and years of searching for records of these beats, but so far, nothing, other than a small painting of what these beats might of looked like. What happened to these pokemon after the events that transpired into peace?

    That question soon led her to the ancient temples of Zaude, where it had the only record of these pokemon, painted on the walls. Soon, it dawned on her - what if these pokemon weren't pokemon at all? In fact, what if they were at one point--

    However, her thought was interrupted by footsteps. It was then that she saw him. A man who beared a strange red and blue mark on his face. He stared at Vayne with emotionless eyes, but he then turned and walked away out of sight...

    ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆


    This Pokemon Journey RP takes place in the region of Zaude, that you can say is like a medieval England society when it comes to social behaviors, agriculture, and the Zaude empire. Their own brand of technology exists in Zaude though. There were simple buildings like you see here today, as well as proper lighting, cooking, and so on.

    This region actually lasted for centuries until today, but, it was often isolated from other regions. Despite that, modernization became common in Zaude. LATIOS, a newly created company that was said to be named after a mystical pokemon, created new technology in Zaude to pretty much help improve the work-style and lifestyle of the people living in Zaude. Their most recent technological inventions included pokeballs for capturing pokemon, the pokedex that recorded pokemon, and town photon barriers that protected the people in towns from strong, vicious, wild pokemon that lived nearby (who would usually kill anyone for a proper feast, no doubt).

    Despite the convenience of this new technology, some people resented this new technology, because they still held a strong liking to the old world of medieval Zaude, before LATIOS was created. From this, the people of Zaude seem to be divided nowadays. Some think that industrialization is good and will help them to get a better life, and other say that their lives are good already and that the modern ways will only bring catastrophe to Zaude.

    Long ago, It is believed that Pokemon were the spirits of deceased animals that took on a physical form. However, despite them being considered 'monsters', they are actually quite friendly towards people - under great care, of course. As such, the people soon gave these monsters a new name: pokemon. Like in Modern times, the Pokemon were owned by people, to perform a number of tasks such as hunting, scavenging, fishing, cleaning, and most of all, pokemon battling.

    Pokemon battles are also quite common in Zaude. There is a ranking system based on the collection of symbols. Each of these symbols are given by a sort of Battle Master, if you defeat or impress them in a pokemon battle. Many kids and teenagers have been trying to collect these symbols - some failed, some succeeded. Why do they try? It's for respect, money, and influence. If someone were to collect all of these replica medallions, they would be recognized as a well-respected and influential person.

    P L O T

    With the arrival of the new battle masters, newer and newer trainers were starting to get their first pokemon, starting on their first journey. With Professor Vayne's ideals of studying the ancient legendary pokemon, she invited few trainers to obtain their first ever pokemon, going on their first journey with their own LATIOS branded pokedex. Hopefully, they'll be able to record interesting pokemon along their travels.

    However, the good professor is not the only one who is interested in these pokemon. Aside from curiosity, the need for power was corrupting the Zaude empire. Certain parts of the Zaude empire, secretive from the throne, went underground to plan for the sole purposes of capturing these beasts. If they succeed, they could over-throne the heir to the throne. More so, LATIOS'S goal was of course to be as wealthy and well-known as possible. By learning of these pokemon, they theorized that by creating separate groups that were secretive to the Zaude empire, they might encounter these legendary pokemon and sell them for a tidy profit.

    As a trainer who was invited by Professor Vayne, you've been quite excited to get your first pokemon for a while now, and also excited to start their first pokemon adventure in Zaude. One night, it looks like you've had a dream. All that you can recall is a four-legged pokemon who.. seems to be calling out to you. It was strange - you could hear it's thoughts, its feelings... as you both look upon Zaude from a high point. Then, to your surprise, the sky turns black. Lightning and fire began, destroying homes, and terrorizing the people of Zaude. The unknown pokemon turns to you as it then says, "Beware, young Fallen..." as you wake up the next morning.

    Then.. you start to feel weird. It seems as though you've been energized with powerful energy. The dream was probably nothing though, as you start your normal day. Little do you know, a special power has been awakened within you...

    ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    YOU, THE F A L L E N

    This is nothing but folklore, but supposedly, 'the fallen' are people who were legendary pokemon in their past lives. They of course have no memory of their past lives, but they are said to have a special aura inside them - and this aura allows them to have special, mystical powers that helps them communicate and train their pokemon more efficiently. That, and a lot more dangerous powers were rumored, but there are no such sightings of these fallen. Until now. Even though you do not know it yet, (except hinted at a dream), you are one of these legendary fallen who have been invited by professor Vayne to start on your own pokemon journey across Zaude. Along they way, you'll probably want to aim to collect all of the symbols in Zaude by defeating the battle masters who held them.

    You can choose one of these legendary pokemon that can represent you, as a fallen:

    RP Mechanics & Rules
    • This RP is Rated T, so try to lower the gore and very intimate romance. Violent themes and occasional foul language are acceptable.
    • Each time a new area (i.e. town and route) is introduced, Ill make a post stating what you can and can't do there, as well as possible optional quests you can do (like optional battle storylines).
    • As you travel to new locations, main the story will also follow, so juuust keep an eye on that.
    • When there's an area that you can catch pokemon in, I will of course, list each pokemon available for capture. If you are catching Pokémon, please end your post with the Pokeball shaking. Catching Pokémon will depend on post quality (which I decide)
    • Levels will exist, but whenever you battle it will go up. Depending on the quality of your posts, your pokemon can learn additional egg moves / move tutor moves / TMs.
    • You are allowed to carry as many pokémon on hand as you wish to. When entering official battles though, like battle master battles, you are only allowed to keep 6 pokémon on hand.
    • You are allowed to make up whatever NPCs you wish during your journey. Also, and most importantly, I encourage player-to-player interaction! There is no taboo on making short posts (but well with in the standard RP rules) to interact with players.
    • When you're in an master battle, you're free to bunny the Battle Master during your battle.
    • Speaking of battles, please make it realistic! You're pokemon are not obviously going to beat every pokemon out there, nor can it dodge every single attack. Creativity counts~!

    Starter Pokemon


    Name: (first and last)
    Age: (13-20)
    Gender: (male or female)
    Appearance: (body and clothing)
    Personality: (describe what you are like in general and how you act together with others. Avoid Mary-Sue personalities.)
    History: (just write a small paragraph about your average life. Due to the secretive info about Zaude, you don't have to specifically type where you were born (like if you just say 'small town' in Zaude, that will be okay.) you can also type your history with pokemon, how you wanted to start your journey, and especially the 'dream' about you and the legendary pokemon you've chosen.)
    Starter Pokemon:
    Species: (any one of the list above)
    Moves: It'll be level 10, so it can have moves up to level 10, and it can have up to two TM moves, or Egg moves.])
    Pokemon Gender: (is your starter male or female?)
    Representative Legendary: (Entei, Raikou, Suicune, Terrakion, Cobalion, or Virizion)
    RP Sample: (give me a recent RP post of yours, to give me an idea of how you are going to write in the RP)

    As I said, I'm gonna smooth everything out so it'll make more sense, (or maybe fix and cut out certain parts entirely) but.. yeah, this is it in a nutshell.

    So yeah, I'm trying something new here - I wanted to provide more variety, so there can be more creativity and interest in posting, but..
    Hm. Its tricky.

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