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Here we have two very different and unique rivals each special in their own way, with almost opposite personalities and appearances. On one side, we have Barry, an overenergetic, reckless,cheerful and humorous rival who loves fining you millions of dollars for being what he thinks as slow as a snail.Maybe even slower...really depends :|
He isn't all rush and go though,just waving goodbye and being reckless. He proves he can stand up for you and actually be a serious person (although rarely :3) at the Spear Pillar in the Team Galactic fights.

Then we have the odd,quiet Silver. He has a strange past you never really do learn about...he's quiet and in the beginning rather cruel and a jerk to you. Over the course of the story though...he becomes a great person and learns Pokemon are not just tools of war.So who do you like better? What makes them so special to you? Or do you never really put your mind on them and only give them a second thought when you encounter them? Did you like them for strength or some other reason?

Personally for me Barry has always been a special rival. Not just out of these two,but all of them.Why? I just love his jolly and funny personality and he's always made me smile.A little nostalgia also kicks in since my first game played was Platinum back in 2009.Silver was a good rival but not enough. I liked his teams...they were powerful and strong and loved how Gamefreak made Silver slowly develop into a brighter and better person.So who do you think?

Discuss and give reasons (pretty please with cherries and sprinkles on top :D?)!
pineapples are cool.

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