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    1. When writing a fiction how do you decide gender? Is it ever symbolic, is it random, or is it whatever yours is?
    It depends on what the character comes to mind as, if it's not a canon character. I never think of something specific for symbolism.

    2. What about side characters? Is there always a certain amount of characters of a certain gender or do you also make this random?
    Random again. I do try to keep some balance though. Like if I need a minor character, I might think back to what I've used before so I don't start to develop a trend.

    3. Finally my question: How would one go about keeping gender anonymous? I don't want to tell the exact gender of the main character.
    I read a book where this was done for a semi-main character. The book was in third-person limited POV, and all the authors did was refer to the character by their title.

    Really, it depends on the POV you want to write in. Some are easier than others to keep the ambiguity, particularly with the main character.
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