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Originally Posted by Tcoppy View Post
I'm not trying to sound rude but they said no to any hacks from the Sideshow and well, this is not really a hack, it's more like a base than anything else.

To be honest, no hacks really got me going this year. It's like, there are some that had a thought out storyline which were pushed aside from being completed thanks to people who "fell in love" for a "complete" and "beautiful" hack. I mean really, this section of the forum needs to come back from the dead.
Hack (hobby), heavy modification of the software or hardware of one's own computer system
The true definition of what a hack is - is best described in the 649 patch. A hack is not a video game, to make a true hack you need to understand the hardware/software of the hacking system (GBA) Which is both are demonstrated with the 649 hack.
~There are those people who understand hex, F the rest