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One thing that I noticed (with few exceptions) is that Anime shown to kids in America tend to not use the words "die," "dead," "death" and "kill" and it's usually implied (Nicktoons DBZ Kai) or removed entirely (4kids). Either they don't want kids making death threats to others or they don't want to scare them with something that a part of real life and bulls**t them. Other cartoons do this, of course, to a ridiculous extend.

There are some shows that go against this such as The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy where Death itself (Grim) was a main character on the series. Hell, even Hell was shown (though called the "Underworld" and not actually "Hell"). But if that show can have the word "Death" said, why can't other cartoons that are meant for older kids (around ten and up) do the same?

It seems ridiculous too when they imply death but don't say the word like it's a curse since it's like the kids know what death is but they can't say the words that are related to it. I know that death threads aren't appropriate, even if you don't mean it but if that's the case, parents should tell their kids not to make such threats instead of treating the words like curses.

What do you think? Is this whole "Never Say Die" thing really necessary? Death is part of life (the end, actually) and you can deny your kids from knowing about it or saying about. Who knows? They're grandparents could kick the bucket anytime and they wouldn't know how to handle it. Or even there pets.
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