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    Originally Posted by Khawill View Post
    Cards Numbered 2 7 8 9 17 20 and are applied for but not taken
    Cards Numbered 4 12 18 19 are currently Taken
    With cards 0 1 6 10 14 15 and 21 being taken by NPCs

    That leaves the following untaken/unclaimed
    #3 The Empress - Ability to create illusions
    #5 The Hierophant - Can remove hostility and unify a group; power over words
    #11 Justice - Ability to influence someone's opinions
    #13 Death - Instant sleep; solo and group
    #16 The Tower - Force others to only speak the truth

    If you wanted to know Leaf that is, (so much easier to look on this page than to switch tabs anyways).
    Someone signed-up for 3 too, they just haven't been accepted yet. It's one of those cards I wanted but was too slow to claim. I recall seeing someone sign up for the Tower too on the first page.
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