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Originally Posted by Hikari10 View Post
I have to say Snorunt, I love the nice shade of blue on it.

It's really adorable as a Shiny, with a beautiful mix of a green-blue.

Some other mentions include Froslass, the Snover line and Vanillite line. And again it's cos I like the color schemes. I might also mention Jynx, despite being one of my most-hated Ice Pokemon, it does have a nice pink color when shiny which makes up for that.
that's a cute sprit hikari! :3
Originally Posted by CourageHound View Post
Well i think the coolest Ice type shiny is .

I mean just look at its eyes and jewels. All the scarier cryagonal shall be...
the shiny sprite is more uglier and scarier than normal one xD

i like shiny sprite of the following :
Glalie bcuz it is more scarier xD XD

Smoochum and Vanillite bcuz they are more cuter than normal sprite

Lapras bcuz it is purple in color <3