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    I've been busy with Christmas, Birthday, and Anniversary things the last couple of weeks but I've recorded more of my progress in a more readable format, hopefully. I'll update again later on in the month. Merry Christmas everyone! On a side note, I'm just about done with Leaf Green, then it's on to Crystal.

    After catching Bop the Weedle, Houdini the Abra, and Marvin the Bellsprout, I finally caught my Cut slave in Marvin. Grid and Bop were then released into their natural habitats. I'm keeping Houdini for his ability to Teleport.

    After finding Marvin I set out to take on Lt. Surge. It should be an interesting match since he uses only electric types. I stood corrected however as the only difficulty I had was a double teamed Pikachu who was hard to hit. After obtaining the Thunder Badge and the TM Shockwave, which I taught to Thor, I healed up and headed through Digletts Cave to Pewter City where I obtained the Old Amber from a scientist.

    After that I headed back east of Vermilion towards Rock Tunnel. At this point I'm about 20 levels higher than all the trainers I'm fighting on my way up. The entire route to the Rock Tunnel was pretty uneventful besides teaching Flash to Houdini.

    As for the Rock Tunnel itself, this is the place of nightmares. I used 2 Rare Candies on Tron, 4 Ethers, all 5 of my Super Potions, and my only Revive since she died to a Graveller. This place was horrible and we shall never speak of it or its atrocious Hikers again.

    After clawing my way out bruised and mangled I avoided every trainer I saw and booked it to the nearest Pokemon center for a little rest, relaxation, and immense restocking. After picking up 10 Super Potions, 5 Great Balls, and 5 Revives, I head back to battle the trainers I missed. After this I headed up to the Pokemon tower and battled Clu. All of his Pokemon fell to a Thunderbolt each. Once I found out I needed the Silph Scope to continue I headed south along the pier.

    I got into a double battle with Thor and Marvin. Unsure of what to do I had Marvin use sleep powder while Thor did the actual damage. So I'm not sure if I've broken the rules or not. So this is where I'll leave off. Marvin went up 1 level from this fight.

    Houdini has been shoved into the box so now I carry Thor the Raichu and Marvin the Bellsprout who has learned Flash.

    Level: 46 (two of these levels are from the two Rare Candies I found)

    HP: 132
    Attack: 100
    Defense: 73
    Special Attack: 99
    Special Defense: 72
    Speed: 134


    Shock Wave
    Tail Whip
    Return (got the TM from a little girl)

    After figuring out that I couldn't go south down the pier I decided to go east of Lavender instead. All of the fights were pretty easy, I had aother double battle with Marvin that resulted in his use of sleep powder once more. After going along an underground route I emerged at the western entrance of Celadon. There's a lot to do here so I start with getting the tea.

    After obtaining the tea from the old lady I headed behind the pokemon center to grab the Eevee from the top apartment. Once Regenetic is shoved into the box I headed towards the gym to take on Erika. It's pretty uninteresting as everything falls to either a Return or not so effective Shock Wave.

    Feeling pretty good I head on over to the Game Corner to take on the "secret" Team Rocket base. Thor is getting massively over powered as I plow through this place with no sweat. Even Giovanni is easy, even if all three of his pokemon took two returns each to go down. I make my way out with the Silph Scope, heal, and head east to grab HM 02, Fly. I have no pokemon that can use this yet, so the search will be on. For now though, I head back to the Pokemon Tower.

    Going up the tower isn't the least bit difficult. There's even a free heal halfway up that I didn't think I really needed but proved useful either way. My most difficult fight was Marowak. Her Bonemerang hit four times in total and took me down to 23 HP. Having forgotten that I can't catch her, I also waste a Great Ball. Throwing caution out the window I continue on without healing and fight all three Rocket grunts with 23 HP. Suffice to say they all leave crying and I'm escorted to Mr. Fujis house and given the PokeFlute.

    This opens up quite a few areas so this is where I'll leave off while I figure out where to go.

    Tron The Naive Raichu
    Level: 54

    HP: 153
    Attack: 116
    Defense: 85
    Special Attack: 115
    Special Defense: 84
    Speed: 156

    I've decided I'll head east to Saffron, then south from Lavender, then east again before heading to Fushcia.

    First things first I take on the fighting dojo and take Hitmonlee as my prize. Now named Bruce Lee, he will become my Strength and Rock Break slave. After that I get ready to take on the Silph Co building.

    My first step is to go up each flight of stairs to take out everyone, with brief breaks to go replenish PP. The only thing to take me below 100 HP is Cubone. At this point I'm debating replacing Tail Whip with Brick Break for Rock/Ground types. Going through each floor is pretty uneventful and I grab the Door Key halfway through my way up. Once I've completed my way up, I head back down to open doors one floor at a time. After that I head up to the president and meet Clu on the way. He's still pretty easy, with only his Eggxecute needing two hits to wipe out. After I send him packing I grab the Laprus from the man standing there and name it Ferry. Once that's done I take on Giovanni who isn't that difficult either. All his Pokemon fall in two or three hits and I get the Master Ball as thanks for all my hard work.

    Next up is my 5th gym. It goes really easy with me only getting lost for about 20 minutes. After that I head east down the Cycling Path and head to Fushcia. Once there I head to the Safari Zone and grab both the Gold Teeth and HM 03, Surf. After that I take on Kogas gym and get my 6th badge. At this point I head east to mop up the trainers I missed along this route. Before going I also grab Ferry and Bruce Lee from the box and teach them Surf and Strength respectively.

    Next I'm going to try and find a flying pokemon to teach Fly and Cut so I can retire Marvin to the box. Then I'll figure out where to go next. Maybe a pokemon catching spree.

    Tron the Naive Raichu
    Level: 64
    HP: 190
    Attack: 145
    Defense: 106
    Special Attack: 144
    Special Defense: 104
    Speed: 195

    I've completed Trons journey through Leaf Green. Due to doing this completely on my phone I'm adding another post, hopefully isn't counted as a double post. I actually have a screenshot of the hall of fame but unfortunately I can't post pictures yet.

    So getting bored for two weeks I head out down route 19 to catch a Krabby that I name Larry. He gets taught Surf, Strength, Cut, and Rock Smash when I get it. I don't think Flash is needed at this point so I retire Marvin to the box. I take Podge the Pidgey out of the box and teach him Fly to get to Pallet Town, then Surf down to Cinnabar. It's pretty easy going and my first agenda is to revive my two fossils. Xavier the Aerodactyl takes Podges place for my flyer pokemon. So right now I only carry 3 including Tron.

    My next agenda is to head to the giant haunted mansion on the other side of town. The gym is off limits in case you're wondering. So I enter and scare the crud out of a little kid on the first floor, hit the switch, and grab the items before heading to the second floor. I fight the few guys up here and only get lost once before falling down the right hole. From here I do a stupid thing and head straight outside. Yup, ran the whole thing again, this time just heading down the stairs. At this point I'm almost out of PP and am considering going topside. Instead I plow forward and grab the Secret Key before using an escape roap to head back.

    Now I can take on the gym here. Going through doesn't pose a challenge and I obtain the badge easily enough. From here I'm coraled into boarding a boat for the Sevii Islands. I decide to head to Mt. Ember to grab the HM and make my way up cause I don't remember what's here. Turns out it's Moltres who proceeds to kick my butt while I try to catch him. After dropping 7700 dollars I head to the next island to hand over the Meteorite and then head over to find the kid. Has anyone else ever noticed ahead refers to herself in both first and third person?

    After taking thwarting kid back to her dad, I head back to check on Bill, who is done, and hi tail it back to Cinnabar. From here I'm heading back to Viridian to take my last gym. This gym actually poses a problem for me this time around. After my first trainer I take the time to switch out Tail Whip for Brick Break in the hopes that I can take out rock pokemon in one hit. After my fourth trainer I'm poisoned and down to 14 health so I take a moment to head out and heal. Once that's done I work my way further into the gym.

    Taking on Giovani was easier than the gym itself. My only problem being his Nidoqueen as I try to hit it with Lightning and Brick Break, both of which are pretty ineffective. I finally take it out with a Return but not before it gets off two earthquakes and poisons me with its barber. Taking out his Nidoking and second Ryhorn are easy and I heal up at the Pokemon center.

    At this point I now have all 8 badges. Now it's time to take on the Elite 4. Before I do however I'm going to explore around a little more and maybe raise myself a few more levels, just to be safe.


    Level: 80
    HP: 222
    Attack: 170
    Defense: 124
    Special Attack: 169
    Special Defense: 122
    Speed: 229


    My first stop was going to be Cerulean Cave to pick up Mewtwo but I forgot that you have to beat the elite 4 first. So instead my first stop will be the power plant to pick up Zapdos. I take out the maniac in front before making my way inside. I have more than enough cash to get pokeballs and healing items. Grabbing Zapdos was relatively simple, with it only taking 35 ultra balls. I name it Waffles and shove it into the box before making my way to Mt. Ember.

    Moltres was waiting patiently at the top to be caught. After my last defeat to this bird I'm determined to catch it. This proves massively difficult. My attempts are thwarted with Tron dieing once, me using all 50 of my ultra balls, and Moltres using all of his moves and struggling to death. I finally caught him after three resets and a total of 85 ultra balls.

    Next up is Articuno. I fly to Fuschia and head south on route 19 to the seafoam islands. Fighting all the trainers on the way raises me up one level and depletes all of shock waves PP. So I end up using a lot of my max repels in order to be decent for my upcoming fight. The seafoam islands are basically are large strength puzzle. Its not entirely difficult and I find my way to my foe easily enough. Catching Articuno is just as easy. He only takes 25 ultra balls and freezing Thor wasn't a big deal.

    Once caught I make my way out I fight the rest of the trainers on my way back to Cinnabar. Once there Death Wing is shoved in with his buddies and I decide my next move.


    Level: 82
    HP: 228
    Attack: 174
    Defense: 127
    Special Attack: 173
    Special Defense: 125
    Speed: 235


    There wasn't a whole lot I could do after catching the legendary birds so I head out to take on the Elite Four. On my way up I see Clu again. He's still just as easy. I forgot that charizard has a dual type, so electric is super effective against hiatus flying. I didn't actually mean for this to happen when I picked out bulbasaur.

    Victory road is actually a little difficult as I use an escape road to get out and restock. Once through I sell all of what I don't need and make my way to the Elite Four. Before heading in I retire all but Tron.

    Lorelei is easy enough and all of her pokemon go down in one or two hits, with the biggest problem being her lapras confusing Tron once. Bruno and agatha go down just as easily. Lances dragonite gives me a bit of trouble as I wasn't paying a whole lot of attention. He took Tron down to half health and paralyzed him.

    Before taking on Clu I use my only elixir to completely heal Tron up. Lance was harder than Clu was and he goes down to more Thunderbolts.

    Thus ends Flynn and Trons epic adventure in Leaf Green. Included is the screenshot from the hall of fame. Now it's on to Crystal.

    Tron the naive Raichu

    Level: 88
    HP: 244
    Attack: 187
    Defense: 136
    Special Attack: 185
    Special Defense: 134
    Speed: 254

    Shock Wave
    Brick Break

    Next up is Crystal. I'll be travelling in a few days so it'll be a bit before I update. Happy Holidays everyone!