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    Originally Posted by Evil Arms View Post
    Do you think Maruno gets enough recognition and thanks for this project. Why?
    I thinks that he deserves a little more for the big work done, sometimes he make too many things that I wonder how many hours Maruno sleeps per day XD. Anyway, the main problem is the little support that people gives to the Essentials project. In several points Maruno asked for help and gets no result. The Wiki is a big example with several sections still undone.

    Other problem that I can see now: This great kit needs more advertising outside of Pokécommunity (and maybe in others Pokécommunity sections)! Maybe this can draw attention of more people that can help with Essentials with a mutual benefit.

    When Poccil stops releasing new versions I wonder if Maruno may keep up with this big project, even I can't thing someone better. I disagree with some decisions and still disagree with some like no gen 5 pokémon (even without decent battlers), no gen 4/5 overworld graphics and the new tilesets . About this last one, despite the new tilesets are more performatic, I prefer and suggest to use the extended version of old ones that also have some RSE tiles and I can mix some tiles (example: put a ship tile in a house).

    But Maruno come with good ideas and changes. He was less script skills that poccil (that I consider a genius) but was a very better game designer skills, so he can make changes/features that people wish instead of spent a huge time with features that very few people will use.

    Maruno is also skillful enough to handle with some details that Poccil make (like the _I and _INTL). He sucessfull release several good versions of Essentials and earned my respect. Congratulations!

    Originally Posted by Maruno View Post
    When I'm answering questions, there's always a small glimmer of hope that the asker will actually end up making a game for once; I'm just helping them to do so.
    I have the same feeling. It is annoying if you help someone with a (relatively) complex custom feature and this developer ends giving up in the next week.
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