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    Update 5!

    - Moved Lucky Egg to Nigel and put him as the first on my team and headed north for glory and... oh my...
    -- Cheren, please... try at least. My level 33 Litwick beat your team... Or well 36 by the end of it.
    - Alder was a nice guy and gave us HM03 Surf!
    - Taught it immediately to Sif, over Ice Ball (although the move was fun...)
    - Backtracked to... ermmm Hodomoe City, stocked up on Moomoo Milk, healed and headed to Mistralton Cave

    -- Picked up shrooms, Poison Jab TM and few balls on the way.
    - Taught Nigel Flash for the cave and moved him back to Exp.Share
    - Began to clear the cave aka. "hello little draguns, I hear you like ice age"
    -- Picked up Dusk Stone, TM80 Rock Slide and bunch of other items
    - Taught Rock Slide to Sif - over Rollout, no matter how fun it is.

    Battle - Coballion
    -- I'm torn between catching it and adding to my box collection... but then again I never use them.
    -- And I can always come back after the first E4 to catch it, so I can faint it now for exp I guess...

    - Not much to say

    -- Except I think I fell asleep during the night
    -- Threw a Timer ball for the lols when I woke up and it was caught... oh well.. *goes to box it* Habits of playing during the night. Or well.. what is daylight in this damn country with 5.5 hours of sun being above the horizon...

    - Went to derp back to the Pinwheel forest for Virizion
    -- Oh well no luck...

    - Flew back to Mistralton and trekked through the mountain.
    -- The joys of Winter, I can skip the entire trainer part and come back to train my pawniard here. o.o
    -- Ran around the moor, picking up items.

    Gym time...
    - ...Nigel solo'd everything with Flame Burst. Okay. Good boy. Precioussss
    -- There is a reason for this. I didn't remember where I'd get Shadow Ball, so I was postponing the evolution.

    -- Oh snap! Dem plasma's... time to save the world again.

    -- Well umm... okay...
    - Flew to Nimbasa and ran to Relic Castle.
    -- I actually ran, I haven't used the bikes in this gen at all almost.
    - Caught a random Zen Mode Darmanitan to box/trade off later.
    - Got myself neck beep in sand and continued the story line.
    - Found TM 50 Shadow Ball. Yay!
    -- Then I just got Nigel a level after teaching it and...


    - Did some plot things with the Light Stone
    - Flew back to Icirrus and went to battle Bianca before the Bridge.
    -- Chatted with Ghetsis on the Bridge. He didn't offer any tea. :<
    - Went to Route 9 and caught a Docile Pawniard
    -- Did not nickname him. I prefer the actual pokemon name... just a little more than bothering to think for hours.

    - Saved finally... This would've been hilarious if I wouldn't be playing with the charger on most of the time. Doing all those things again...

    Nigel | Level 46 | Expert Belt
    Shadow Ball / Flame Burst / Will-O-Wisp / Hex
    Sif | Level 44 | NeverMeltIce
    Aurora Beam / Rock Slide / Strength / Surf
    Maria | Level 44 | BlackGlasses
    Aerial Ace / Pursuit / Uproar / Fly
    Macha | Level 44 | ---
    Seed Bomb / Stung Spore / Mega Drain / Acrobatics
    Havina | Level 42 | Miracle Seed
    Ice Shard / Ice Punch / Seed bomb / Bulldoze
    Pawniard | Level 37 | ---
    Dig / Brick Break / Slash / Aerial Ace