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There's a lot one can say about Disney and it looks like someone already did that.

For me, there's an entertainment factor which isn't really there outside of a couple of films. I can appreciate the history and role the studio has had for animation (more now than even since I was at the Walt Disney museum only a few weeks ago and also learned my grandma was an ink and paint girl for a short while) but the brand today isn't something that inspires me and I don't think it inspires others like it used to.

Disney has a reputation, fair or not, but I really like what dbp said about Disney needing to be an innovator again. I would really like that to happen and I'm also pretty sad that the Princess and the Frog flopped. It's kind of a blessing and a curse to be Disney today. People expect certain things from you and while they'll give you tons of money for that you're kind of stuck in that role.
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