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    All the gyms in Black and White 2 have gotten upgrades, including new interiors. Every gym has been remodeled, except for the Icirrus City and Nacrene City gyms, but they are not part of the main gyms anyway. The Icirrus City and Striaton Gym Leaders can still be battled, however. There are also a few new gyms added, listed here:
    Gym 1: Normal, lead by Cheren, in Aspertia City
    Gym 2: Poison, lead by Roxie, in Virbank City
    Gym 8: Water, lead by Marlon, in Humilau City

    In addition, the gyms have new and unique themes, which differs a lot from previous games, as all gyms usually have the same theme. In this game, each theme is a remix of the original gym music, made to suit each and every gym (though Cheren has the normal theme, this may be because he is a normal gym leader).

    How did you feel about the gyms in Black and White 2 compared to the originals, Black and White?

    -Were there any gym puzzles you had trouble with?
    -Did you like the different themes for each gym?
    -Was there a gym interior you preferred in Black and White rather than the new interior?

    For me, I really liked the new themes for each gym. It made me feel like each gym leader (and to some extent, the gym itself) had its own personality. The fact that the gyms were remodeled also made me feel like Unova has changed a lot in 2 years. For the puzzles, the only one I had trouble with was Burgh's, because I didn't know you had to stand in front of one cocoon for the trainer to jump out, as well as the opening.

    Anyways, discuss.
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