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    Originally Posted by Spinosaurus View Post
    I hope so. They got plenty of time to polish everything up. I like the art style, it's very fitting for Pokemon. But technically, the 3DS is capable of MUCH more than this mess.

    I don't see it. I'd take the first screenshot over the second any time.
    I agree with this. In my opinion the battle graphics looked really nice, and like some nice work was put into it. however the over world graphics seemed unpolished; however they do have something like 10 months to work it out so I'm not too worried, but as of right now I feel the over world looks of just plain DS quality.
    If they're going to make the jump to 3D they have to do it right, and not rush things.
    They have my support, change can be scary but it's a game about evolving so the games have to grow as technology and the times change. Besides, it's easier to go with the flow rather then rejecting change completely.

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