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    I think Pokemon is a popular enough franchise to attract people to buy the 3DS. I have a friend who says she wants to buy one now, just because these games are coming out. But she also asked for suggestions for other games to get too. I think maybe some people haven't gotten around to buying the system but especially with more than half a year to save up, they are certainly willing to. And of course there are definitely other popular titles that have already gotten people to pick up the system. I think it will do fine. Maybe it won't sell quite as much right off the bat but I think people will still try to get it. It's in freaking 3D after all. lol And besides, if you love Nintendo handheld games (which I assume any player of Pokemon and owner of a DSi or DS or GBA or GBC or whatever actually does) then I would think you wouldn't want to miss out on other great titles as well... There are sequels to many other franchises too, which used to be on the GBA and then the DS and now the 3DS... It just keeps moving forward... I remember when the GBA was brand new... Then the SP came out and I was like, yay no more shoddy worm light that keeps breaking, I can play in the dark all I want!! XD Anyway I think any new system has things that WILL attract people to it. (GBC had COLOR, GBA had a bigger screen, the SP had the backlight, and then the DS had the touch screen, DSi had a better menu and more functions and downloads, and the 3DS has freaking 3D.) It's like... Everything will move forward. It's not the first time Pokemon moved on to another platform. It has multiple times. Since the black and white Gameboy. And I think games like Pokemon can only help the sales of this system. Sure it's expensive but I feel like videogame fans already kinda expect that they have to upgrade their systems every few years... And they know it costs money. I think everything will be fine.
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