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I only became active in 2011 but also do remember you quite a bit (from my short spurs of activity days in 2007-2008), so this is a big surprise! Welcome back the forum and I'll be crossing my fingers that you do stay for a while this time, since you had quite a big presence here in the past.

How were those seven months spent in Japan? I was considering going there for study abroad in summer of this year so I'm always looking for recommendations from people who have experienced it. It really is such a beautiful country, though. <3 Anyway, I've never spoken with you personally here on PokeCommunity, but that can always be changed. A couple of the names you mentioned aren't active members anymore but there are a lot of wonderful people who joined later down the road that I'm sure you'd have a great time talking with. That and I'm sure there are lots of old-timers in hiding on the forum as well who will definitely remember you, some of who have posted already here already!

I'm honestly still surprised to see this as I type but it really is such a pleasant surprise. Reading what you wrote makes me glad to say I was a part of this forum. :D You obviously know your way around this place so that's all I can say, but I'll repeat that it's wonderful to see you back!

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