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The Avengers

When The Avengers was first announced, I was very excited to hear that one of my favorite superhero team is finally getting a motion picture for themselves. The numerous years of planning it took for to make Iron Man, Thor and Captain America's back-story has definitely been worthwhile. On the movie's world premiere, they had tons of people waiting in front of El Capitan Theatre and it was sold out before even half of the people waiting could even get in. It has also became the highest grossing superhero movie and third highest grossing film worldwide. Just behind Avatar and Titanic. It has also become the highest grossing film in 2012, highest grossing movie distributed by Walt Disney Pictures and the highest grossing movie based on comic books.

First, the plot. It was pretty neat seeing how Nick Fury gathered all of the member of the avengers and seeing how it wasn't easy for him in gathering some members. Every moment in the movie had it's moments and for the length of the movie, the time seems to pass really fast because you enjoy the movie a lot. The relationship between Hawkeye and Black Widow was interesting and it seemed to fit very well into the movie despite being a superhero movie with lots of side stories in it. Like Bruce Banner having to try to help the team without having to rely on The Hulk, Captain America having to settle in the futuristic world he's not used to. Iron Man is having trouble working in teams since he prefer working alone. The actions scenes are really great, they always leave you with your jaw dropping to the ground, making sure every seconds of the movie makes you feel like you're inside the movie.

Now for the characters,
Iron Man: He's is the stubborn one from the group and is the 'leader' of the Avengers. At first he wasn't willing to get into the Avengers, but after some thinking, he finally decided to join. As always he provides comedic relief for the movie and that's one good thing I love about the Iron Man character.

The Hulk:
Bruce Banner is great in this. He really shows that he doesn't like transforming into The Hulk, knowing the destruction it could bring to people and the environment around him. He tries to help out by staying his human self. But when he DOES transform into The Hulk, it really is one of the best parts of the movie. They didn't overuse The Hulk too much so when you do see him, the scenes are amazing.

Black Widow:
She's a highly trained spy for S.H.I.E.L.D who got a relation going with Hawkeye. Along with Hawkeye, she doesn't have any superpowers. Instead she relies on her skills and of martial arts and spy training to help out the team. She's not only an eye candy for the movie, but she's a great addition for the movie.

Captain America: He is the world first supehero who is a WWII veteran. In the movie, he was frozen and Nick Fury decided to wake him up in the modern world. In this, you see Captain America dealing with the time change. He learns to deal the time gap between his time and the modern time, knowing that everyone he knew is either dead or very very old. You get to see how he eventually gets used to the modern time and his rivalry with Iron Man.

Thor: Thor takes the fight with Loki (the main antagonist)quite personal and doesn't want the rest of the Avengers to get mixed up in his personal affairs. But after a few fights and argument, he finally decides to join up in the Avengers and take down his brother.

He's the bulls eye of the group. He's probably the deadliest man with a bow and arrow. Along with Black Widow, he doesn't have any superpower and relies on his extreme precision shooting with his bow and his agility. You get to see him turn evil in the movie and have to fight against Black Widow, with whom he shares a love connection with. His arching skill really makes it fun to see take an arrow and just shoot it without even having to look at his target.

Loki: He's the main antagonist of the movie and the brother of Thor. His goal is to rule every human being on Earth and will also make everyone so busy worshipping him, that he thinks it will bring some kind of world peace by following this dictatorship.

Thanks to this movie, Marvel has seen their fandom grow very big and has sparked a huge interest in the series too. This top grossing movie of 2012 has also rebooted The Hulk movie with a sequel thanks to Mark Ruffalo's incredible performance, and in 2015 we're getting the sequel to The Avengers!
Tons of fans have also celebrated this movie as the one that will bring Marvel to fame throughout the globe. Seeing as it's a comic book adaptation to rise to the 3rd most successful movie of all time, we can only imagine what else Marvel has in store for us in the next couple of years.

To make a long story short. Great movie, great action, great character development and a movie definitely worth watching. It's also a movie you would watch over and over without getting bored of it. Hopefully the next Marvel movies will be this amazing and bring in new Marvel fans.

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