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Decided to pick up my Soul Silver and start again since it's going to be a looong wait for Pokemon X & Y.

So I've planned my team out and I'm pretty content with how it's going to turn out, granted there are duplicate types but I'm still happy with the team I've got formed.

Entry #1


  • Chose the Female Protagonist since I've played through as Ethan twice now
  • Got the Pokégear and did all the boring introduction stuff
  • Got my starter Pokemon in which my choice was Totodile!
  • Got the Town Map & Running Shoes from the Guide Gent?
  • Trained Jaws (Totodile) on Route 30 in preperation for the Rival battle
  • Met Mr. Pokemon & Prof. Oak who gave me the Mystery Egg
  • Battled my Rival who was eaaaasy
  • Did some more boring mandetory stuff and got back onto Route 30
  • Battled some trainers and trained Jaws up a couple more levels
  • After searching for the preferred gender I Caught my second team member, Bellsprout and saved from that point!

The Team

Jaws The Totodile Lv. 10

~ Scratch
~ Leer
~ Water Gun
~ Rage

Bella The Bellsprout Lv. 4

~ Vine Whip