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I don't think the Name Rater will ever be more than what he's always been, and I probably don't see that changing in X and Y. However, I've never been one to nickname my Pokémon very often, so he's never been of much use to me. And while some of the in-game trade nicknames can be a bit...interesting (Xatu being named Paul? I don't get it), I don't ever feel the need to change it. Although, I wouldn't be against having the option to do so.

Couldn't say the same about being able to reset their Pokémon ID numbers though. To have a various number of Pokémon ID's you get from trades is beneficial when need be. Playing the lotto for example? You have a better chance when the more Pokémon you have come from other trainers with different ID's. Given the chance to reset that would be a mistake in my opinion.

Plus, on a much smaller note, the ID number has always felt like something official and permanent, so just being able to simply rest that makes the whole idea of it seem a little worthless, I guess.
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