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Skyrim and FarCry 3. By a long way.

Skyrim is so exciting, and when roaming around you never know what to expect. You improve your skills, attributes and just play in your own style. The one thing that will always hit me about Skyrim is that there are so many locations to discover, all so detailed, you never run out of things to do in Skyrim. Furthermore, the game is so unrestricted; you can set up a domino effect with people in it, fire people from the top of a mountain. It's just all so good!

FarCry 3. Absolutely amazing. What makes the game even better is the character in my sig; Vaas Montenegro. The aspects of the game, the ways in which you can liberate camps is up to you. In the game, you are able to develop skills which form a tattoo on your left arm and is also linked with finding relics of each of the animals that the tattoo links with. Unique, eh? The game also contains a form of customization when it comes to guns, which is what I adore. Another thing, the characters have amazing lines, especially Vaas, throughout the whole game, very creative and it adds to making the game more interesting. You collect materials to craft things; from wallets to medicines. All are so helpful and you can have to get the resources from everywhere on the map. Something to recognize is that they haven't been lazy with locations, I love how the animals are allocated to specific parts of the map and each of them is rarer than another; especially the Tapir, mind. FarCry 3, there aren't much games that can top it.

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