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I was... very sure someone would have swiped that username in a heartbeat already, but guess not! That's a pleasant surprise. ^^ A huge welcome to the forum, Josh!

Hah, Emerald is definitely one of the best Pokemon games by far. And I really do mean it! I spent tons of time playing the third generation so it has a huge soft spot in my heart. Gardevoir is pretty awesome as well and one of the best sweepers in the whole game without a doubt. <3; How can you go wrong with Psychic + Thunderbolt + Shadow Ball? That's right, you can't~! Clefable is adorable too, though I also really like Clefairy. Your avatar really makes it all the more cute too, hehe.

Can't say I've ever heard of Gold Panda and Yuksek, though... that and I've also never seen LoTR. Is that bad to admit? ): Granted I've never seen or played a lot of the more popular things, like Harry Potter or Final Fantasy. Anywayyy, before I drift off topic, I want to say I'm glad you stumbled upon our awesome little forum on the web and decided to join! I like to tell people that it's worth it (because it is!) since we're a great community and will hopefully help you out in taking breaks from school. Even if procrastination and multitasking is a problem, you'd probably break down if you had absolutely no distractions to keep you going, so in a way the internet is super healthy. But that's coming from a super lazy procrastinator such as myself, so... xD;

Thanks for writing a more thought-out intro - it's always a lot more fun to reply to longer ones, plus you see how much you have in common with others! :D Hope you have a splendid time here!

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