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Woot, this thread is every wannabe psychiatrist's dream. Aka me

Originally Posted by droomph View Post
hi, i'm afraid i need more help

This isn't as much as a debilitating disease as it is life's little quirks, but…

Is it normal to feel guilty after buying stuff? Like, I just bought a game, but I feel extremely guilty that I spent $35 on it.

And I bought a little application for $15, and I'm feeling really guilty about buying it, even though I honestly wanted it, and I know having $120 left in a 15 year-old's bank account is still a lot (compared to the $40-$70 I usually hover around, so just keep that comparison in mind).

It also carries on into fake currencies too. In a game, I'm guilty about spending coins/blahkets/whatever the currency is, even though they don't have any impact irl. Like, I obsess about how much money I have in Mystery Dungeon, even though it's probably one of the least money-reliant games in my collection.

Is this normal, and if not, how do you guys think I should try to cope?
It is normal to feel guilty considering you spent your money on a "want" and not a "need". That being said, there's nothing wrong with buying stuff that you want, as long as you manage your budget and are careful not to overconsume. You don't exactly show off any signs of being a constant shopper, and even say that you're obsessed with how much money you have in Mystery Dungeon. Sure, that might not exactly have any affect irl, but the fact that you can think like that probably reflects how you behave irl. That being said, if you're the type that watches and keeps money like a hawk, and go off spending some cash every now and then on something that you don't consider vital, it makes perfect sense to feel guilty.

So in short, yes, it's normal. I'd just advice you to keep a watch on your bank account (impressive for a 15 year old, by the way) and think about what you want before you buy it and if it's truly worth it.

Hope that helped!
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