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Originally Posted by liquidM View Post
Please help me find all Nexus One machines to deactivate, i found 9 and can't seem to find the last are the 9 i've already deactivated :
-first is the big machine at the top of the lighthouse
-two machines on a hill between West Vale port and Sandway town (Route 53)
-two in Sandway town - one in centre, on a bit to the north across the water
-two on Route 54 - one near the rest house, one south-east from it, up a waterfall
-one on Route 55 - mountain path
-one in Mister G's office in Nexus lab - the bigger machine at the back of the room
Thats all i have managed to find so far, i've looked everywhere (safari zones, waters, crystal caves, route 56) for the last one but no success there :/ help please, i want my pokes to earn exp again
there are two of them on the mountain path
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