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Why would you blame this stuff on video games? People let themselves be effected by video games if at all. As mentioned throughout this thread, video games are for entertainment purposes, there is no evidence that they are to blame for crimes going on in the US. There may have been a few (seriously not even much) cases where this has happened, but video games were just part of it and people aren't gonna be like "Killing people in a game is fun so imma do it in real life" unless they are weak-minded or parents' have done a bad job with letting them think this way. Recently, in English news, a pensioner said that playing games helped her in many ways and there were several people commenting agreeing with her.

Millions of people play video games; the vast majority of them love playing video games and it is a good source of entertainment. However, the vast minority of people are letting there minds be manipulated by the joys of gaming.

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