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Thanks guys. Makes me wish I was less of a sloth. Honestly, lots of very talented artists inspire me every day, but unlike those who have blogs where they post daily, mostly because others are doing it as motivation, that method does not work for me. I'd rather sit under a tree in the sun or something. It's funny because I guess that's my disposition overall, I'm very laid back. I'll get the job done but I'm totally nonchalant about it. But I'm also a perfectionist to a degree, too, and I'm hardest on myself most of all. Does that even make sense?

If nothing else, I'll be taking some lessons from Alex Woo eventually. Why? Honestly because I can. I'm not even doing this stuff professionally anymore (again, barring game assets). That's just how weird I am about art. @[email protected] I love it to death, and am willing to learn from all the best people, but I prefer to do it for free (and it drives some people nuts for some reason?).

Maybe that's the reason right there as to why bloggers like to keep a pace with each other. Most artists are trying to find work with their art. I just want to be a game producer/designer/director (these are not the same as developer and content creator, those of you out there who are pursuing a career in the VG industry). Granted, you still have to work your way up to those, but I'm going to school currently for that managerial stuff so I actually know what the heck I'm talking about when I get to those roles. If nothing else, I need to learn marketing so bad. ;__;

Anyway, I'll post up whatever stuff I do from Woo's lessons, that'll be fun. :D

I guess my to do list includes more Tezuka stuff, but the only thing I can guarantee is whatever I'm doing for Valentine's Day. And the Alex Woo stuff. But I shall try to try to post more things in this gallery. For great justice. ;^;

Alexial357: Holy crud, I think you know me better than I know myself. Everything you said makes a lot of sense, and yet I've never really thought about it. But yeah, for me, art is just something I do for fun *shrug*. It's a relaxation thing. Did you draw that Nidoran yourself? That's so awesome looking, wherever it came from. :D

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