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Considering that Pokémon is Game Freak's only franchise (they've only made two, count 'em, two non-Pokémon games) I don't think they'll be letting it go until the reviews plunge down towards the low 50%s. I think they'll get the point by then.

Besides, the laws of franchises (lol it's not true, I made it up) says that usually, around Season 4-8 is where they reach their highest point, after then, there will be serious degrading of the franchise.

And of course, since my rule isn't real, rest assured, the people over at Game Freak are talented and will work their asses off for Pokémon to be alive.

(besides, they haven't "milked" the franchise like others have theirs, right? I can't remember any names, but very often they'll start promoting auxillary bs as much as the real thing.)
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