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    Basically I hope they get the best parts of the series as a whole; (My Opinions)
    -I liked the whole "You can only find certain Pokemon at this time of day" thing
    -I liked how the Pokemon followed you in HG/SS, but I'd like to be able to turn it off... Sometimes I just want to walk around on my own
    -I personally thought Black and White weren't very good, but the story was great
    -I'd like to see the Battle Frontier come back
    -Never played it but I heard the Pokemon World Tournament was fun
    -I'd like something on the side to do like Contests/Pokeathelon/Pokestar Studios

    And the most important part...
    * drum roll *
    More Eeveelutions
    I realize that they're running out of ways to make this guy evolve, but thats what I'm really saying here, I want some creative evolution methods. They have to get more creative than "trade X Pokemon holding Y Item." Personally I like the evolutions based on areas like Eevee -> Glaceon or Magneton -> Magnezone. I think they should do something with the seasons. Not like reach Level X in Season Y and evolve but have the seasons manipulate the evolutions somehow. Like an example of this could be like having an area where in Spring Eevee evolves into Leafeon but in Winter Eevee evolves into Glaceon ... Well maybe that's a bad example because it's kind of dependant on the season, but you get what I'm saying, right?

    Anyway, sorry for rambling
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