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Originally Posted by Xlugon Pyro View Post
It's possible, like you said, that everyone's a jinchuriki, or maybe something happened to the tailed beasts that caused them to manifest themselves in different ways. I could also, like you said, designate who would get the jinchuriki, but assigning it to the best post might be too subjective. People could maybe vote on it after everyone's accepted, but they would have to rewrite their character to account for becoming a jinchuriki. If I have co-GMs, I could propose a jinchuriki council who would decide based on the list of people who've signed up who gets the privilege although that again may be too subjective. This council could also pick people at random or perhaps the power would be best kept to a co-GM to maintain the balance of the RP if we were to include jinchuriki at all.

I'm not too worried about people picking out popular Kekkai Genkais or even making up their own. People will create their own characters according to their tastes and there will be enough possible Kekkai Genkai concepts that the balance of power wont be too much of an issue. Even if a few people chose to be an average ninja or someone from a family using hidden jutsu, their abilities can be overcome by others of similar skill as long as they're mindful of their opponent's abilities. It's the jinchuriki possibility in particular that would create the imbalance of power since tailed beasts allow their hosts to summon power that is inhuman and practically impossible to overcome since their power would just blow away any tactic unless it was against a legendary or kage level ninja.

I was heavily contemplating the possibility of hosting the RP in a different ninja village with the chunin exams taking place in a place other than Konoha. Granted, I'm almost positive that I'll be allowing ninja from other villages to participate since the chunin exams are an international affair and the plot beyond that is likely to embroil other nations in the conflict. If I plan to run with the current manga story-line but in the future, I may base the RP in Konoha only because the Leaf Village has such a prominent presence in the world's lore and it is far more recognizable for fans of the series and thus potentially more accessible.
You probably don't want everyone to be a Jinchuuriki or that's just going to be a contest trying to see who can be the most OP without really being OP. Ha. Yeah, it all comes to being a bit subjective. You could use a computer randomize and put in people's name and have it pick for you. (Provide a screencap for those who a skeptic) Otherwise, co-GMs and yourself council type thing you said. I think that would be the best option for you.

I'm just hoping that not everyone wants to be a Sharingan/Rinnegan user because that would be so annoying. If you do allow the popular Kekkei Genkai I think that you should limit the number of people that's able to sign up for them. I'm okay with Byakugan and Sharingan but I think Rinnegan for any beginning ninja is just asking for them to be heavily OP. Yeah, the Jinchuuriki would cause a bit more problem than Kekkei Genkai. I just don't want someone to have a Kekkei Genkai + Jinchuuriki, that's most certainly unfair. Well, depending on their Kekkei Genkai that is.

Okay, phew. I'm glad you were already thinking that. It's not like you can't add Konoha in there... Just don't start at Konoha. Y'know, just have the original country that they start in not be Konoha and then by some plot device they end up there. (Without any Canon characters being there).

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