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    I'm pretty sure that, if pressed, I would say that reusable TMs was THE single best improvement they made to the series in this generation.

    Yes - there was a certain minor amount of skill and strategy involved in figuring out how to chain breed to get one TM move on multiple pokemon (or you could just look it up online), but it was ultimately pointless and tedious, and actually doing all that level grinding and breeding and level grinding and breeding to get one move on another pokemon JUST because GF arbitrarily decided that TMs should go *poof* after one use was just that much more pointless and tedious. And the upshot of it all was that all too often, I didn't use TMs AT ALL, since there was no good reason to pick any one Pokemon to get it and it was just easier to not bother with them at all.

    But all they had to do was make TMs reusable, and all of that went away and they immediately became not only useful, but FAR more useful than they ever were before. And not only that, but it also fixed the whole issue with HMs, with the only remaining problem being that you still have to go to a Move Deleter to get rid of them. But with reusable TMs, I've almost entirely stopped bothering with HM slaves, since I can just slap whatever HM I need on whoever can learn it in place of their least important TM move, and leave it on there until I don't need it any more, then go to the Move Deleter and get it removed and put the TM move back and that's that.

    I only wish they'd done it years ago. I already had a hard time going back and playing anything before Gen IV, since I miss the physical/special split. Now I'm finding it hard to even play anything before Gen V, since it takes no time at all to find something that REALLY needs ____ move, but oh no - I can't give it that, since I only have one TM and I need to save it for this other pokemon. Unless I want to give it to this third one instead. But that one learns this other move that's sort of like the TM move except not as good but maybe it can get by with that and then I can put the TM on the second one but I'm not going to get that one for a while yet and it can't breed with anything that I can use to chain the move to anyone else but it'll get more use out of the move than this other one I've already got will but I've already got this one and it really needs the move and.... maybe I should just save it for now....

    Yeah. The single best improvement of this generation.
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