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    I personally hate this addition. Yeah we all know that we had that bag full of TMs, and yeah we all screwed up one time or another by teaching a pokemon we didn't really use a really awesome move, but I feel that this breaks the mechanics, now if I so want I can teach every pokemon in my party fireblast, flamethrower, and any other move I willy-nilly want, but now that whole strategy of making sure that this was the pokemon you wanted this move taught to is completely gone. Why not make everything an HM? What's the difference if the HMs are just going to get handed to you anyway? (Much like the TMs) so why not call everything an HM? What's the point of having differentials? And to top it off now someone out there is just going to break the game and have a rediculously over-powered team because of this. I was feeling sad that the pokemon from gen 1 and 2 (the generations I grew up with) were being pushed aside as pokemon 3, 4, and 5 got stronger and better stat pokemon, but this is rediculous...
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