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Welcome to the Walking Dead Fanclub, a club dedicated to everything revolving The Walking Dead trademark! That means you can discuss the latest episode in the blockbuster show, the newest comic to have been released, or even any of the upcoming/already released video games in relation to The Walking Dead. Basically anything that has the title in its name. Feel free to socialize and discuss the latest show here, or talk about characters and possible predictions related to the episodes. Or perhaps discuss the lengthy but amazing comic series that Robert Kirkman has penned with the community. Anything goes as long as it's somehow related to the zombie trademark! You do not have to be a current fan or reader to participate! Newbies are welcome to ask for inspiration to watch the show or read the comic. And trust me you'll get that from us no problem. There will be topics every week, hopefully, most likely in correlation to the show or possibly news that I shall be posting. I'll also post a link to the latest episode here, so if you missed the show, this is the place to go. And a new feature that I've devised with the inspiration from Alexial357, I shall also be posting the latest news based on The Walking Dead below. So come here if you want to discuss the zombie apocalypse with the rest of the Pokecommunity forum!

-Follow all Other Club rules, and Pokecommunity rules in general, especially the 25/4 rule
-No flaming at other people. Discussions are debates are allowed, but if I feel that it's gone out of hand, I'll put my foot down.
-Try to keep active, and enjoy your stay!
-If you have any questions, such as where to catch episodes from before, PM Bloodex

Sign up sheet:
-Username (nickname if desired)
-Favorite character and why
-Go to this link here. Take the quiz and find out which Walking Dead character you match best. Post your result here! I'm going incorporate the result into the member list

-Bloodex (Dipu)
-Daryl's my favorite because of his rough, redneck attitude, but he's got a soft heart. Plus, he nicknamed Judith Lil' Asskicker. Nuff said
-I got Rick Grimes. Talk about coincidence.

Members List:
(Hover over a name to see who they're most like from the show!)
-Dark Leader Adam
-xZSx Venom
-Pave Low

Topic of the week: What are your hopes for Season 4?
10)How do you think/want this to all go down? Who dies? Who lives? And does the Governor die, and if so how?
9)With this treaty not happening, who do you believe will strike first blood?
8)With Morgan's appearance in this week's episode a clear forshadowing of Rick's mental instability, do you believe we've seen the last of Morgan?
7)How do you believe Andrea will play a part in the war between Woodbury and the prison group?
6) How do you believe Glen will react to the attack on the prison group?
5)How will Merle's presence affect the prison group?
4)Do you believe Rick's grief for Lori will ultimately cost him his position as leader?
3)Who do you believe will die next?
2)What has been your favorite zombie death so far?
1)Already a part of the sign up sheet, but who's your favorite character, and why?

Predict and have a chance to win!

For the Season 3 Finale, click here
For my review on the Season 3 Finale, click here


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-(4/5; Hollywood Life) ‘The Walking Dead’ Alternate Ending: Milton’s Original Death Plan
-(4/4; IGN) The Walking Dead: Three Actors Promoted to Series Regular Status for Season 4
-(4/3; AMC) AMC and Cryptozoic Entertainment Announce The Walking Dead Card Game

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-(3/11; LA Times) ‘Oz the Great and Powerful’ and ‘Walking Dead’? Nicotero is connection
-(3/8; E!) The Walking Dead Spoiler Bomb: Odd Pairings and Rising Tensions Are On the Way!
-(3/8); The Hollywood Reporter) 'Walking Dead' No. 108: Preview the First 4 Pages (Exclusive)
-(3/6; Entertainment Weekly) Norman Reedus talks possible Daryl-Carol romance on 'The Walking Dead': 'I want her to make the first move'
-(3/6; IGN) Telltale Targets Fall 2013 for The Walking Dead: The Game Season 2

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