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This is my SU but I may add more.

Name: Kyle Brendan Jackson
Sex: Male
Age: 16
Occupation: N/A
Hobbies: Drawing, Fighting, Sleeping and going on walks.
Disorders: Narcolepsy, which is a disorder in which the victim can fall into a state of deep sleep at any moment. He also has a weak spot on his back and if it is irritated he will fall unconscious.
Quirks: Loves fighting although he retains an injury from it.
Likes: Competitive fights
Dislikes: Authority figures, adults, babies, and being judged.
Dreams: Becoming remarkably strong, moving home, making more friends, and to have an interesting life.
Fears: Dying, Staying in Seattle, things that smell bad, Ghosts

Kyle has red eyes and has a slightly tanned skin color. He has a slim build and stands at 5’12” tall. At first glance it would appear that he has no scars although a closer look would reveal the trace of various battle scars and the most significant one is in the center of his back following his spine. His hair is silky, black and gelled back although he has a few bangs. Although he fights a lot he isn’t prevalently muscular.

His wardrobe varies but usually he wears either a green jacket with a white shirt along with green slacks or a plain black t-shirt with jeans. He usually wears sneakers and never wears anything over his hair.

Personality: Kyle is a very competitive person and is very hotheaded. He usually is quick to act and doesn’t think twice before helping others although usually it’s by aggression and violence. He is very ignorant of most things and isn’t very perceptive about them unless it is explicitly stated.

He isn’t very fond of soft-spoken people and usually doesn’t take initiative of things that appear to him as insignificant. He hates authorities figures and is very rebellious to the point of skipping school. He is easily bored with what most people called an everyday life and he seeks something to give each day a sense of excitement.

He is smart although since he doesn’t apply any effort in school, he has low grades. He is quick to hold a grudge like the one he has with his mother because they moved, leaving Chicago where Kyle was born and raise the first decade of his life and also from a car crash that gave his a scar on his back…

He has a strong pride although it’s not accompanied with cockiness and if he is offered help he will usually decline it unless necessary. He is very outspoken and isn’t ever afraid to give criticism although he dislikes receiving it.

History: Kyle used to live in Chicago but eventually his mother chose to move because she was originally from Seattle and felt the need to return home after losing her job at a law firm. His father divorced his mom although she has always told Kyle that his dad had a job as a security guard and a thief killed him on the job when Kyle was a baby. Ever since he has been relocated to Seattle, he feels a lack of self-fulfillment and dislikes the area because he knows no one there and he has a hard time with the people there. Although he had no problems with the people in Chicago he hasn’t ever truly made a companion and was closest to his mo, before they moved. For 5 years since Kyle has lived a somewhat sound life in Seattle although he hasn’t managed to make any friends, he is on bad ends with his mother for moving, and he feels no comfort or connection with other people.

Not much of importance has happened to Kyle in Chicago except for the gaining of his narcolepsy, which was spontaneous, along with the scar on his back that he got from a car crash with his mom.

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