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    | Name: | Melody
    | Sex: | Female
    | Physical Age: | 19

    | Likes: | Roxanne, Pranking, fighting.
    | Dislikes: | Demons, any boy hurting Roxanne, Angel guys that thick her off.
    | Dreams: | Humans to be able to see her, being able to protect Roxanne.
    | Fears: | Roxanne or her to fall into eternal darkness, Roxanne to get ill... and Zombies (Even if they don't exist!).

    | Appearance: |
    Melody has long red hair and usually wears a small sidetail with the rest of her hair hanging behind her. That sidetail usually is attached with a purple ribbon while the rest of her outfit is black and yellow. Though, the purple ribbon matches the purple part of the blouse she's wearing, The upper part is white, the under part is the same purple as her ribbon. She wears a yellow jacket that looks like it's from the 18th century, her sleeves are only partly attached to it. She wears a short black skirt which she keeps on it's place with a thin belt.

    She also wears some black knee socks and black gloves with on her right hand the same purple ribbon as on her head. Her shoes are yellow sneakers.

    Her skin is soft and a little japanese-like but still has a brownish-tint. Her eyes are eyes you don't see often since they're brown but look more like red, but a close look will show you that they're indeed brown. Her wings are white a pretty big for her length but they often protect Melody from any harm on her body, harm on her wings is another story... Melody can be described as a beautiful young woman with a tense personality.

    | Personality: |
    Melody is a fiercy young lady with a caring hard, in Anime terms she would be called a Tsundere. Fiercy and violent on the outside, but sweet and caring on the inside. Melody likes singing and when she sees Roxanne can't sleep she sings for her even though Roxanne isn't able to hear it, but it always seems like it works. Melody's voice is pretty soft and likeable to other Angels ears, too bad Melody is too shy about it and doesn't sing often when in company. Melody is very caring towards Roxanne and does anything to keep her save and prevent her from getting harmed. She is nice towards friends but that doesn't stop her from pulling pranks on them.

    When Melody sees two humans holding hands it already makes her feel a little bit lonely, since she doesn't believe Angels can fall in love. Angels have to keep their attention to their jobs as Guardians and that's why she doesn't allow herself to fall in love with a male Angel. Melody sometimes really wishes that humans would be able to see their her and her fellow Angels since she really feels lonely a lot. When Roxanne stays home to chat or to game Melody just stands or sits there, hoping a friend of Roxanne will come over so she can talk to the Angel of that friend.

    | History: |
    Melody was assigned to Roxanne after her former human died and she couldn't do nothing about it. It has been like that around 7 or 8 times and is about 300 hundred years old now. It kinda thicks her off she has bad luck and that's why she does everything to keep Roxanne alive. Along the years Melody developed a small like towards Roxanne as a Human friend, something she hadn't felt for the other humans she was trying to protect. Roxanne is kind and a happy-go-lucky girl in contradistinction of the other humans she protected.

    When Roxanne turned 13, Melody no longer just saw her as one of these selfish humans but also as a friend she had to protect at any cost. Roxanne's parents got divorced when she was only 14 and stayed with her mother, Melody tried to do as much as she could to cheer up Roxanne without having to touch objects in the human world. At some point Melody had to prevent Roxanne from getting in the car with her mom after she knew something bad was going to happen, a few hours later Roxanne got a call saying that her mother got into a car incident but was still alive. Melody was very relieved at that point, not only did she save Roxanne, if they both had gotten into that car they both would've died.

    Her mother has recovered by now and Roxanne hasn't been an aim for a demon once in her whole human life. But Melody is feeling a little restless, a little disturbed... like something really bad is going to happen anytime soon.

    | Secret Code: | Watch