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Adrian Frode

Several more vampires fell at Adrian's feet slowly beginning to dissolve and giving him a moment to take a look around. Two Harbingers, who seemed to be taking their time, were nearly upon him, Nox was spearing vampire after vampire with those weird bone spears, arrows had begun to fly through the openings at the front of the warehouse turned battlefield and Destiny... well actually Adrian had no idea what she had done but what ever the hell it was had involved a floating scythe, randomly tripping vampires and a sizeable chunk of her attackers now being even more dead than they already were.
"Okay then" he said to himself, he would have to find out about that later.

Several vampires dived at Adrian his brief respite clearly having come to an end, he responded by flipping over the block of ice he had created a few moments earlier slicing at it and releasing the imprisoned Harbinger spell, which proceeded to explode out of the block completely vaporising it, and the vampires that had jumped for Adrian, who was now negating the Harbinger's surprisingly helpful attempt to melt him.
"Not bad" Adrian swivelled round just in time to counter the swinging blade of the speaker. A third harbinger had circled around him, which seemed to have been what the other two Harbingers had been waiting for as they too made a dash for him. Adrian ducked hearing the two blades and a large axe clang together above him, right where his head had been, as he shifted his wait to his left had sweeping his leg at the legs of the two newer attackers and tripping them over before pushing himself back into the air and attempting to cleave the first Harbinger's skull, unfortunately for Adrian his speed wasn't much help against an opponent who had time to prepare. An elbow crashed into his stomach sending him crashing into the ground and producing a large crack in the floor, winded he rolled out the way and jumped to his feet to avoid the sword that had struck the ground where he had been laying moments earlier.

The other two were also up and read converging on the lone reaper, who was too far away for his preoccupied team mates to be of much assistance. He took a defensive stance raising the grey blade he was wielding between himself and his attackers, he just had to hold them off until enough of the vampires had been picked off and Luka could come in and lighten the load. There was a loud crash as the three Harbinger weapons collided with Adrian's pushing him against a wall as he struggled against them. Swearing loudly and panting heavily he somehow managed to force them back, this was not going to be fun.
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