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Originally Posted by LMFAO. Word up. View Post
I like the points you brought up in this thread though you make quite a few valid points however you seemed to a little confused about X/Y/Z dimensions they work majorly only with space and not with time as time has no contrasting effect on space in the way you are trying to portray it, Obviously if you time traveled in a game you would be see different things because of things changing but you wouldn't change you co-ordinates completely, you would be in the same place but just in another time frame.
Remember that I'm not talking about the XYZ Dimensions; I'm talking about a theory that derives from that, which is the theory of time, or what is reffered to as the "fourth dimension". But yes, obviously time will contrast things a bit differently.

Here's a side question: will we get to interfere with the past events of older generations of games?

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