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i just want to share this for those beginner players who just recently downloaded this hack.
start your journey doing this before going to the academy.. when you do your first step at
bouquet field go to mineral cave immediately.

i raised my charmander up to lvl 45 at the mineral cave and turn it to charizard
"before going to hevah academy" and i think i can make it up to lvl 50. for roughly(3 hours including the search for stormidran)
i also caught stormidran using the hidden pokeball at silk village at the bottom of day care center.
im abusing my savestate for me to catch this rare lvl 40 pokemon at the start of my journey.

Mineral Cave Pokemons
name: lvl: exp:
magnemite 27-35 350-490
stormidran 40-41 850 (i guess)
occutales 27-36 850 (i guess also)
graveler 27-36 700
geodude 27-36 (i dont know coz i dont battle w/ this pokemon)
swoobat 27-36 550- 600+
woobat 27-36 250-300 +
zubat 27-36 same as woobat
lunatone 27-36 650-750
solrock 27-36 650-750

note: i use smokescreen first then savestate until the 2nd atk misses
if you want to catch stormidran(abbility levitate) a really powerful lightning/dragon fan made pokemon the percentage for it to
appear is i guess 1%
but after catching this pokemon you can now use switching battle
for you to win against lunatone,solrock,swoobat and graveler

Stomidran Skills are spark, iron tail,twister and lightningbolt

sorry for my english
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