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I have a few reasons as to why they will probably not nor ever attempt to replace him.

1. Ash and Pikachu generate revenue for the company. Cash draw from them makes the company happy, making themselves happy with cash and continuing to do so will continue the trend of these static characters.

2. The possible feeling of not being able to find a character or characters iconic enough to replace him. Could they possibly find an iconic character or write one up yes, but will they yeah... that's doubtful at best. For instance N is an iconic character that will stand the test of time with his uniqueness so that proves they can at least come about with a character in some recesses of the franchise, but translating that to the Anime is definitely yet to be seen(and yes I am aware of the N saga).

3. Lazy writing seems another reason for me. Why sparse up your character or add new story lines when you can just wash rinse and repeat with the same main characters and different pokemon buddies? Even if they had a new character lets face it they would do just the same thing then we would be like "Should Character X be replaced" a few years down the road after that said characters inception. The writing needs to step up not Ash, he isn't the one that writes is own lack of competence or the fact that Pika gets nerfed every region.

I don't particularly buy the who reset drawing new audiences in solely on a learning lesson aspect. Adults still make mistakes, Ash still progressing can of course make mistakes. So rather than show him as a kid they can show him as a human and that human make mistakes regardless of how long they have been at something. If the quality of the show is great and the characters are interesting and actually go somewhere then would a franchise really need to cater to a said audience?

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