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    Well, unfortunately now I have an even bigger problem that has broke my game. I just said "**** it" and decided to play the game with the glitchy camera. I beat the game, everything saves fine, I get through the credits, game goes back to the regular screens when I first start up the game, then when I go to select my save file....nothing but a pitch black screen. Can't open the menu, can't walk, can't do anything at all. My save file might as well have corrupted itself. Thankfully I have a save file from right before the split to do the good, evil, or neutral paths, so it won't be too big a setback to get back to where I was, but still, if you update the hack, there brings in the question of it working properly on an older version save file. I highly suspect the glitchy camera, since it stops right at the end of the last conversation after you beat the third final boss, is the cause of this problem. I'm guessing that it got the game camera "Stuck" inside of a wall somewhere when it saved the game. (Actually never mind about me being screwed, I just restored my save file to an earlier version)

    Anyways, the glitchy camera starts after you beat Vessel. I was on the evil path, did NOT touch the green diamond nor did I examine all the green sprouts inside the Lost Shadow. I had 6 total badges. Earlier in the game, I went back to Breeze Island right before the final confrontation with the Dark Organization in Rintah Town, and talked to the Team Earth Grunt. This prompted a selection screen of my Pokemon party, all with "able" listed by their names. I selected the first Pokemon in my party, a Toxicroak, which caused the game to freeze, but the music still played fine. Also the Ralts in the Light catching script fainted as well. I also read somewhere earlier that you should not save in the bug catching building but I did. Finally, a Larvitar that I caught was holding a ?????????? item (which I'm guessing is supposed to be a Hard Rock as this is what they have sometimes when you catch them.) I took it off of Larvitar and examined it in my inventory. That should be about everything out of the ordinary I did that I think could cause the game to glitch up.

    The glitchy camera starts after the battle with Giratina but before the battle with Zah. While the "Ug...ghuahhh..." text is on the screen, the camera is fine and functions as it should. As soon as I press the A button, it starts to glitch. It repeatedly pans in a South Western direction for about half a second, stops very briefly, then repeats. At the beginning of the camera glitching, I can see the protagonist and all the other rivals and elemental masters, but not the dragons. After about 20 seconds, the camera just gets repeatedly stuck in an entire screen's worth of cave tiles (I really can't describe these well, see the video below to know what I am talking about). Here is a video demonstrating the glitch after about 15 seconds of it occurring.

    If I had to guess, I would say the glitch has to do with the protagonist running up from the lower, non-visible portion of the screen, to the visible portion of the screen with the dragons. Maybe the camera is locking into the lower part of the platform, but tries to pan up, which causes it to go crazy? IDK, just throwing ideas out there.

    Also, I should mention two other design problems in the hack. In the Safari Zone, in the area where you can surf in that small patch of water, there is a silver chest stuck in a tree and cannot be obtained. Also, at the cave north of Guardia Town and East of the Hevah League, there is a strength boulder in front of a cave but I don't think it can actually be moved away, making it impossible to enter that cave.

    Of course, I would love it if you would also go back and fix the glitchy legendaries and final events of Reign of Legends already being triggered without the player actually triggering them, as well as making UPS patches for Reign of Legends and Rescue Rangers, but even if you just fix the glitchy camera and the final event of the game not triggering properly (I'm talking about the glitch that Izanagi-No-Okami is talking about on the previous page), that would be great.

    Anyways, hope that was detailed enough, if you need any additional info, just let me know.


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