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So, so, you could use a Slugma in an HG playthrough because it's also in the Hoenn regional 'dex? :D
lol no sorry i'm being an ass. or is that actually what you mean

So basically what you're saying is that you'd be playing though with Pokémon not introduced in the region your game is set in. But if that's the case, where do you stand on multi-generational Pokémon evolution families? Let's say you're playing Heart Gold and you trade in an Elekid egg. Are you allowed to use that, or must you begin with an Eletabuzz? What if you're playing Platinum- are you allowed to full evolve it to Electivire, or do you have to keep it as an Electabuzz? Are you allowed to use a Pokémon even if its final form doesn't meet the requirements? Are you allowed to use it if one of its forms don't meet the requirements? What's the deal on that?
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