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    Exposition exposition Terezi is so cute with EYES.

    <3: Spider8reath (John/Vriska). A lot of people find this pairing dumb because interspecies romance ykwim, but just look at Rosemary (Rose/Kanaya) over there being canon and everything. Some people actually prefer We8page (Tavros/Vriska) over Spider8reath for Vriska and I have been finding some appreciation for John/Roxy as it stands, but with Roxy in the game I much prefer wwixard (Roxy/Eridan), as ironic as that may seem, because I also like Eridan/Nepeta and that is also impractical for me to be a fan of because of the fact that I ship KatNep as well. And to add to the bucket I very much appreciate all the Rufioh/Aranea fanart Tumblr throws at me, even though it isn't much, just because Mindfang/Summoner was canon. WHY CAN'T I HOLD ALL THESE SHIPS?
    <>: Kurloz/Mituna. Kind of a not tricky one at all. I very much like Kurloz's abstractly mentioned yelling abilities (thank you my favorite 2011 first person fantasy game for that respect. FUS RO DAH!), and I very much like the fact that his calm outer shell synergizes well with Mituna's wacky antics. Similarly to how Gamzee was INITIALLY the one to calm down Karkat "Rageface" V. I dunno man. Makaras are just good moirails I guess.
    c3<: FCG/Jade/PCG. And yes, both of the CG are different times in existence of Karkat. Seeing how Karkat can manage to talk to himself consistently for long periods of time (and yes, I do mean different-time-himself), an auspistice in the form of Jade is much needed in order for Karkat to not troll himself successfully. Despite the fact that he is a troll. Jade... pretty much did what she had to, honestly. Perhaps even better than Kanaya would have. Or maybe she just moirailed BOTH of the Karkats into borderline submission and practical unassholity with her cheerful behavior. I'll take anything in this case.
    <3<: Damara/Horuss. A no-brainer here, even though this ship is (I believe) non-canon, Damara, I would imagine, is pretty damn peeved at Horuss for stealing Rufioh from her. She wants Horuss to hate her back to make the relationship requited, and she does this by trying to disgruntle him with talking about intercourse. Sadly, Horuss respectfully understands diddly squiddly about what she says to him and doesn't hate her back, which makes her hate him even more for not doing what she wants him to, whether that be hate her or do her.

    Mom telling me to turn down that creepy piano tune I keep blasting speaks for itself. Eternity Served Cold FTW.

    In your own Steven-y way.
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