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Originally Posted by Yuki's Sword View Post
Username: Yuki's Sword
Prospit or Derse dreamer: Derpse dreamer.

How far have you read: I'm up to the part after I met Neptea (<3) so... act 5?

Answer current topic: I don't ship characters, so... I don't have a favorite pair yet.

Also what I like about Homestuck is simply how funny and awesome it is. <3 (And Neptea of course!)
Welcome to the club! I will add you to the first post. As a derpse dreamer ;D;D

@ Album - wow! This is already one of my favorite albums. There isn't a single song that I downright dislike, which has been the case for the other last few albums.

Eternity's Sh- I mean Eternity Served Cold, oh my god. First I had an eargasm just hearing the amazing song in higher quality than the flash animation let it be in. Then I was overjoyed when the flash part ended and there were still 3 more minutes of song! And THEN another remix of Doctor came on ermmaaahgerd second eargasm until the end. And in the middle there... is that more of Penumbra Phantasm I hear?

@ update
omfg Gamzee get your filthy hands off Terezi already!! Am I the only one who sees a chance for Karkat <3 Terezi to reemerge from this? And let Jade find Alpha Timeline Dave and fall in love with him instead of Davesprite ^^

Speaking of which, that last scene with Davesprite was very much goodbye-farewell-like. Will he be gone forever now? Or at least until some other critical moment where he swoops in and sacrifices himself to save the day. He already came back and prototyped himself to set the timeline right, he protected Dave while he dreamslept on LOHAC and he helped Bro fight Jackspers Noirlecrow on LOWAS. Davesprite pretty much is the greatest hero of Homestuck. :3

Also, Terezi with eyes? I wouldn't have guessed actually, but I like it. Maybe she had eyesight already when we met her in that flashgame "one year ago" and she kept her dragonfacehood up. Yeah, that was probably why she was acting so strange back then, and eventually began crawling around with Gamzee.
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