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    Hooray for motivation and inspiration, and most of all, procrastination!

    Here is my SU

    Name: Dulinhel Elenren
    Age: 138
    Gender: Female
    Race: Elf
    Country: Miracyia

    Appearance: On an average day, the most you will see of Dulinhel is her face, although you can consider yourself lucky if you see even beyond that. She almost constantly wears her mottled dark green and grey cloak which shrouds most of her body. What you see of her face though is, while no extreme beauty is fair at least. Like most elves, her face is slightly more pointed than a humans, slightly more angled. Her brown/hazel eyes are slightly angled inward towards her nose which is slightly pointed. Below her nose is a simple mouth, usually closed and almost never smiling, rarely showing any sort of emotion. Her ears don’t stick out like some elves, but are pointed mostly backwards and end with sharp tips. Her wavy dark brown hair falls around her face reaching down to about her shoulder blades.

    Her body is lean, but fit, built and trained for speed and endurance. Constant training in the woods jogging and archery practice have left her with smooth curving muscles, the picture of a fit body. She stands quite a bit shorter than most elves at about five foot two, and weighs about 140 lbs. Her slight build helps her with stealth, sneakily moving through shadows, her small form able to move gracefully and swiftly as only a elf’s can. Even for an elf, here movement is swift and graceful.

    Dulinhel can always be found wearing her cloak that she was given when she became a ranger of the forest, the mottled colors allowing her to blend in with the background of mostly any terrain. The cloak is made from a special silk that the elves sometimes use, very durable and warm at the same time which is smooth to the touch. The cloak reaches down to her boots and hides her body up to her shoulders where it gathers into a hood that is usually pulled over Dulinhel’s brown hair. It is held together in the front with a simple piece of brown string. Underneath the cloak she wars simple traveling clothes, a close fitting leather jerkin and supple leather trousers that allow a full range of movement, with well-padded boots to allow for long durations of running without feeling sore. Dulinhel wears a single piece of jewelry, a necklace with a silver oak leaf on it, usually tucked out of sight.

    Personality: Dulinhel is not only reserved, but even goes as far as coming across as completely antisocial. While actually being very indifferent about social interactions in general, she is still very reserved, and dislikes speaking to groups of even five or six at a time, preferring private discussions with one or two others. Whenever she is in a discussion, she is seen as very calculating, analyzing every little facet of a person, their words, their possible intentions, etc. Not only is she very analytical about others and their motives, she is incredibly closed about her own. She believes that her reasons are more important than those of others, and constantly dodges questions about her own motives. She even outright lies about anything to keep herself and her past protected.

    While she appears to be mostly emotionless, other people’s actions do have great effects on her. While she doesn’t really appear to care too much about those around her, she actually does care a good deal about those that she is with, and does go to great lengths to make sure that they stay safe. That being said, getting to that point with her is difficult at best, and earning her trust is no easy feat. Whether it be by nature or by past experience, she trusts very few people, hiding herself emotionally from others similarly how she hides herself in her cloak. She does come slightly out of her shell when in battle, allowing the heat of battle take her over and fight with much more passion than she normally displays.

    History: No one really knows that much of Dulinhel’s past, and she shares very little of it herself. What is known is that she has traveled around the human kingdoms for almost fifty years, helping here or there. Some curious souls have tried to piece together the pieces that she leaves behind in her wake of adventures, but little is to be found, or even trusted.

    What is known for sure is that Dulinhel was once a part of the Elven rangers, founded by Legolas the Archer in 815 HA. Whether she still is today, still carrying out some hidden mission issued long ago, or whether she was discharged from their ranks before she left the kingdom is unknown. It is also known that she was born in the kingdom of the Tellason elves of the West, and grew up there in a stable family relationship there. Those who have inquired about her parents have received nothing, the elves being secretive by nature, and not wanting that information being spread. She also has at least a basic understanding of magic, as most elves do. Among her proficiencies she is capable of basic healing and elemental spells, although she does remain a fairly weak caster.

    From there, Dulinhel’s history becomes much more fuddled and clouded. Some rumors say that she was exiled from the elvish people for some unforgivable act, others saying that she was practicing a form of dark magic to increase her power. Even others still say she murdered her own parents or her lover. Others claim that she was not banished, but that she was sent on some secret mission she still has to fulfill, or that she left searching for some great artifact. In any case, there is no confirmed reason for her to leave from the elven forest of Miracyia, and all there are is rumors.

    From there, some is known of her travels. It is known that she traveled down through Falke and then lingered in Rasta for a few years before heading back up north to Vanaheim. While there, Dulinhel was known for taking part in a small fight confronting a water drake that was harassing fishing boats in the area, a tale that is still occasionally remembered and told, although the corresponding tale does not mention the elven woman directly. Dulinhel then disappeared from any known records for a while, then was found ten years later helping Ekilorian monks collect various texts from around the land, a task which kept her occupied for another seven years. Once again she drops out of record for a while. She then appeared only a couple months ago before me (Chief Recorder at the port city of Gallen), asking about a prophecy that had to do with the monks of Ekilore somehow, then departing. Her appearance is what prompted me to inquire of her history and activity for posterities’ sake. Several dispatches since then have been received and given to various occupants of the land summoning them to the Oculus Tower, an event I suspect is connected to the woman’s inquires. In any case, her current location is unknown, although there is a rumor that she has crossed the Sea of Storms and traveled into the land of Shinguo, although that is once again, uncomfirmed.

    Recorded by Galard Mothis, Chief Recorder at Gallen, in the year of 1792 FC

    Weapon Proficiency: Dulinhel’s main weapon is her long bow, which as it stands is four feet and seven inches in height, almost as tall as she is. The draw strength on the bow is very high, about a 90 lb draw strength, and is capable of sending a small variety of arrows tearing into her enemies. Her accuracy is nearly pinpoint perfect, capable of hitting targets with extreme precision at even a sprint, although her fire rate suffers when she fires while moving. In addition, she is also able imbue her arrows with elemental energies with basic elemental magic. She is not incredibly strong magically, and using magic does drain her energy rather quickly.
    As a secondary weapon, she carries two long hunting knifes that she uses for close combat, although she is nowhere as skilled as she is with her bow.

    RP Sample:
    From Atlantis Arising

    Minerva Sirmais - Riga, Latvia

    "Hey Minerva? Hello, Minnie?" Chantelle waved her hand, bringing Minerva back to attention. They were sitting in a small cafe on a quite street in Riga, sipping coffee and watching the cars go by. A light October chill was in the air, and small breezes winded through the buildings reminding the inhabitants that winter was on its way. It was a mostly cloudless day, and the morning sun was peeking through the buildings painting them with a light glow, illumining the city. "Did you hear me the first time? What are you going to do?"

    Minerva stared at her blankly. "Huh? About what?"

    Chantalle laughed at her, a look of slight shock on her face. "You really didn't see the announcement did you. There was some sort of bombing in Germany yesterday or something. I heard that it leveled an entire block! And this is the best part, they say an Atlantean caused it! Beats me how they can figure that out, but suddenly everyone is really scared of them. They are calling for all Atlanteans to register themselves at some sort of center place, ya know?" She took a small sip of her coffee. "So your Atlantean, right? I mean, it would explain the weird stuff you've been doing. So are you going to register?"

    Minerva had seen the report, which was one reason why she was so distracted. The other was because she was ADHD, but that was different. Whatever was happening, it was going to change things dramatically. "I...I don't know Chantalle. I don't know what to do. It's not like what I do is dangerous, right?"

    Chantalle got a big grin on her face, "Yeah, right. 'Oops, just accidentally melted this giant metal statue! What a mess!' Look, you don't understand it really, so maybe it is dangerous and you just don't know it yet. I don't mean to be mean to you or anything, but maybe it would be safer if you registered."

    Minerva shook her head. "That's just the thing. 'Registering'. What if it isn't really what they say it is? I mean, remember Mr. Lohts in eleventh grade? He told us that the Nazis convinced the Jews that they were just being moved somewhere safer where they would be put to work. What if the government is doing the same thing? Just rounding up all of those with powers so that they can get rid of them or something?"

    Her friend snickered. "Of all the things in his class, that's what you remembered?" Then her expression got darker, "I know what you mean though. Of course there is a risk, but think of it this way. You guys have all of these amazing powers, and you think that normal people can stop you? I heard about this guy who was magnetic, and a guy who could zap people with lightning, or just talk to people and convince them to do things! And you think that normal humans will be able to put you in a cage and poke and prod you? I don't think that's the way its going to work Minerva. You guys are just too powerful. Most of you at least."

    "Thanks Chantalle", Minerva replied. "I guess that's true. I may not be powerful, but others probably are. And they would put up a fight too if it came to it. I guess I probably should register." She put a smile on her face, "I mean, whats the worst that could happen!"

    "That's the attitude! Now finish you coffee, its getting cold."

    Later That Day - Riga, Latvia

    Minerva took a deep breath, then let it out, standing in front of a plain concrete building. It felt out of place compared with the rest of the architecture in Riga, and leftover from the Soviet era. Obviously it had been re-purposed to act as the city's Atlantean Center, as a sign in front of the building displayed in plain neat letters, asking all Atlanteans to register. She took another breath, then started climbing the steps up to the building, then hesitantly pushing the door open, letting the warm air of the building spill out across her face. A small line was formed, perhaps a half dozen people of various ages stood in line, and a couple guards shouldering some sort of machine guns stood at the front.

    While normally talkative and would talk to just about anyone, Minerva was much too nervous to do any talking, and she silently passed through the line. What would happen, what would they say, what happens afterwards? Before long, one of the guards called out "Next", and Minerva stepped forward cautiously. The guard said in a very bored tone, "Please hold out your arm." She nervously did so, then jumped as she saw that he had a needle in he right hand. Needles. She hated needles. More than snakes or spiders or heights or anything, needles scared her. She gulped and closed her eyes tight, and there was a sticking feeling in her arm, then it was gone. She opened her eyes again, and a small bump was forming on her arm. The guard simply nodded, then said in the same bored tone, "Go down the hallway, second door on the right. It should be marked."

    She followed the guards directions, opening the directed door and nervously stepping in. It was a relatively small room, with only a desk and two chairs, and a small ceiling fan spinning slowly above their heads. A small man occupied the chair behind the desk, and was dressed like a very stereotypical scientist in a lab coat and everything. He gestured at the other chair and softly spoke, "Please, take a seat." He asked a few questions about identification, then jotted down a few notes on his notepad. "Right, so Minerva. Whats your ability?"

    Minerva spoke as confidently as she could, and said, "Well, I can manipulate metal, sort of. Like, I can cause it to melt, and once I got it to reform."

    "Hmm, interesting." He jotted a few more notes on his notepad. "Could I ask you to demonstrate for me?"

    "Well, I could try." She looked for something metal, then picked up a metal pen that was laying on the desk. She stared on it and concentrated, willing with all her might to cause the metal to melt, dissolve, do anything. But the pen displayed an incredible lack of activity. After a few moments she shook her head, "I'm sorry, I can't really control it very well, it just sort of happens somethings."

    The man only nodded and took a few more notes. Then he looked up at Minerva once again, "Could I see you arm please?" After briefly inspecting the bump that was slowly fading now, he nodded once again. "Its not a problem Miss Sirmais, perhaps we can entice your ability to display itself some other time. In the mean time, you can go down the hall to the left, there should be a set of white double doors. Go through there, then wait until your name is called."

    Minerva sat there for a moment, then pushed the chair back and got up, walking back to, then out of the door. Over all, she thought, that went rather well.

    Side: Knights
    I feel as if I might need to explain some things. First off, the history is weird, and from another person’s perspective. This is because I want her history to be somewhat secretive at first, along with her own motives and plans. (Plus, I don’t even really know what I want to do with that yet.) So it’s weird yes, but I came up with that idea of telling it from another person’s perspective because it gives you guys about as much as your characters might possibly know about her.

    Secondly, I simply gave her magic because she is an elf, and they stereotypically possess magic. Not that she is any good at it, or that she actually uses it, so I didn’t make it very overpowered at all.

    Oh, and SV? She killed a water drake, not a dragon. So you are still good in that field! :D

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