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    Originally Posted by sharathbhat View Post
    Same as you ,my team pokemon was 65-70 level.. was not so tough n not easy too.. average. if u have an ice type or dragon type it would be easy to beat the dragon trainer in e4.. i felt difficult against hydreigon. Even though you have empoleon but it is little bit slow so your opponent may kill with ground attacks.. better if you give quick claw to empoleon.. thanks for your reply

    Dratini is available in the game corner . keep Lucario in your team.. it helped me a lot .. it learns dragon pulse around 60th level so u can also kill dragon pokemons in e4
    Thanks mate! Completely slipped my mind

    Going to swap Lucario, Scizor and Togekiss for Hydreigon, Dragonite and Heracross, i think. Had 3 steeltypes in my team wich screwed my against fire, fight and ground. Empoleon rocked with ice beam, and it can live a hit from basicly anything, so it gets to stay.

    Scizor did sweep Agatha with SD + Night slash/ X-Scissor though.
    Just felt like mixing it up before the rematches.
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