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So recently, I've been interested much more in focusing on Soulsilver over Platinum. I've made decent progress since last time and am currently heading up to the Pokeathlon Dome after a tough battle with Whitney. From Azalea Town, Bugsy was little of a struggle with Derk being the shining star of this battle. It took a few embers to take down Scyther before Derk learnt Flame Wheel, to take down Kakuna and Metapod without any trouble. After being handed a gleaming gym badge and TM89 U-turn which I taught to Jake, I headed off to heal up my Pokemon at the Pokecenter.

As I was strolling towards the west, I decided to check out Ilex Forest, to hopefully perhaps catch a new team member or find a useful item and train. Before I could pass through the huge gates or the doorway however, a familiar red-haired boy appeared with his usual sullen expression. Silver. We stared at each other for a moment or two, hatred burning in our eyes. He mocked me and my strength along with accusing me of lying of defeating Team Rocket. I was tempted to wrestle him to the ground and teach him a real lesson, but seeing as this was a Pokemon game, we challenged each other to an immediate Pokemon battle.

Gastly was easy enough to handle with Jake and a quick Bite. I could see his surprise clearly engraved on his face and smirked as he sent out his starter Croconaw. I brang out Jelli and after a few turns of Scary Faces and Thundershocks, it finally went down leaving Jelli without a scratch but it's speed appalling. Lastly there was Zubat which Jelli also managed to handle without difficulty and the battle was done and over. I earned some money from it and a feeling of satisfaction as Silver walked away muttering his Pokemon was weak but not him. I knew the real truth and was considering to tell him but he was already in a grumpy mood, so I decided to keep my mouth shut tight.

I healed up again just to be on the safe side before entering Ilex Forest. The place was eerie and dark-looking yet it had this calming and soothing feeling at the same time. I strolled through the place, gaping at the huge trees while listening to stories about the Shrine's protector, which was rumoured to be a grass-type. As I walked, I found a worried-looking boy who approached me. He asked for my help desperately and explained the situation. He worked for a man who used Farfetch'd to cut down trees to make charcoal, except that the Pokemon ran off as he was working since he didn't have any badges to command them. He would be in major trouble unless he could catch them and he wasn't confident himself to catch them and that's where I came in, I suppose. All I had to do was sneak behind them and catch them, it seemed simple enough. At first.

I walked carefully, occasionally treading on branches and cursing as the nearby Farfetch'd ran off. I managed to catch the first one without too much difficulty before proceeding to catch the second one. I probably spent ten minutes running around the forest, trying to catch it. Finally the exhausted Farfetch'd was brought back and the boy looked delighted. At the same time a man, which I assumed was the boy's boss walked up and thanked me. He rewarded me with HM01 which turned out to be Cut and that it would be useful on my journey. He then bowed and walked off with the boy.

I stared at the small tree in front of me and grinned, before hurrying back to Azalea town. I healed and then withdrew a Rattata from the PC, to serve as my HM slave for the moment. I taught it Cut before we cleared the small tree and continued on my way. I met a man who seemed to be headbutting a tree, which was indeed what he was doing. He then offered to teach my Pokemon a move called Headbutt. I shrugged and thought it couldn't hurt and agreed. I taught Jelli Headbutt to replace Tackle, seeing as it was a much more powerful move and then continued.

Near the end of the forest I met a lost Kimono Girl who claimed to be a different one then the one I had encountered in Violet City. Jake showed her the way out and I finally came out into sunlight on a bright route. The trainers were easy, I used various Pokemon while sweeping through them before I stumbled across Ethan in front of the Daycare Center. He introduced me to his Grandpa before we entered for a quick tour. Behind a desk was an old woman who turned out to be Ethan's grandma and she grinned cheekily before saying that she saw Ethan now had a girlfriend. My ribs were about to crack from laughter after seeing Ethan's horrified expression and him quickly explaining it all. He then registered me in the Pokegear before hurrying out telling his Grandma something.

I made it up to Goldenrod and healed like usual. I didn't go straight to the gym however, I had an idea to catch my two last team mates before the battle. I would need all the help I could get. I headed up to the National Park, narrowly dodging trainers who I planned to battle later and then walked around the grass before finding a Nidoran F. Shawn or Miss Doronjo wanted to be a Nidoqueen in this so wish fulfilled. :3

I caught the Nidoran F and named it Shawn before training it for a little. I then headed to the National Park and headbutted trees before finding an Exeggcute and naming it Golurk after GolurkisdaBomb! And my team was complete so I celebrated with a little fist pump before doing training for a while. Then I headed back to Goldenrod before collecting a Bicycle from an empty bike shop and completing the Radio Quiz.

Finally I managed to get to Whitney's gym and easily defeated the trainers before Nidoran F evolved into Nidorina. I easily took down Whitney's Clefairy with Double Kick but for Miltank it took three Double Kicks, a Poison Point, quite a bit of sacrificing and Headbutting. But I won and that was the good part, one less gym to fret about. I exited the gym, badge in hand and saved at that point. I guess the next update will be around after Morty or Chuck, or even further since Easter is here and I have plenty of time! :3

Current Team

Derk the Quilava
Level 22
-Flame Wheel
-Quick Attack

Jake the Zubat
Level 18
-Wing Attack

Jelli the Flaaffy
Level 20
-Cotton Spore
-Thunder Wave

Ozzy the Poliwag
Level 20
-Double Slap
-Water Gun

Shawn the Nidorina
Level 20
-Double Kick
-Fury Swipes
-Poison Sting

Golurk the Exeggcute
Level 16
-Leech Seed
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