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    8. If you could meet any ATLA/LOK character, who would it be and why? - I'd really like to meet Aang, because he is so laid back, fun and bubbly. being around him would definitely make me feel cheery too!

    7. Where in the Avatar world would you like to be able to visit the most and why? - any of the Water tribes, because it is my favorite element <3 I'd want to be with my people, of course!

    4. Which element do you think is the most lethal and dangerous during combat? How about for Survival? - I think they are all dangerous in combat if being used by a master. any element could easily crush a non-bender. for survival... I'm not sure, I can see how all of them would be useful.

    Air - wind --> windmills --> power or using it for faster/safer sailing, easy traveling
    Fire - warmth, cooking (anywhere), hunting
    Earth - shelter, hunting, protection (earth armor)
    Water - healing, sailing, hunting (breathing underwater, might be easier to catch fish that way)

    hm, i could probably think of more examples but yeah..xD

    1. Who is your favorite character? - I really liked that girl in the earlier episodes from the Water Tribe, the moon girl who Sokka loved. (sorry I cannot remember her name)


    well, I hope I can be a part of your lovely group <3!

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