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    Name: Irene Brooke Young
    Nickname: I Ran (she secretly hates this)
    Sex: Female
    Age: 23

    Occupation: Self-employed taxi driver
    Hobbies: Listening to music, creating graffiti art on buildings around the city, reading, traveling (she rarely stays in one location for over a year)
    Disorders: N/A
    Quirks: Refuses to eat yellow vegetables, steals gasoline from people's cars to avoid paying for her own, talks to inanimate objects when there's no one there to speak to
    Likes: Frozen raspberries, ice water, punk music, smoking cigarettes, kittens, handwritten letters, violent films
    Dislikes: Christmas, police officers, screaming children, people who drive very slowly
    Dreams: To find something more to life than just working and surviving
    Fears: Flying on airplanes, becoming too attached to someone

    Appearance: Irene's appearance attracts the most attention wherever she goes, not that she has a problem with it. She stands at about 5'8", though she looks a bit taller due to her haircut. She sports a four-inch-tall purple mohawk, the rest of her hair cut down to about an inch long. The shorter hair retains her original brown color. Her eyes are a deep brown and the pupils can only be distinguished from the irises if light is shone directly on them. Her eyebrows are a darker brown than the hair on her head and are rounded in shape. Irene's skin is fair and she has a small brown beauty mark next to her nose. She wears a minimal amount of makeup, that being mascara and bright red lipstick. She's frequently seen with a warm smile on her face.

    Irene wears a studded leather jacket with various band patches and pins on it. Underneath the jacket she typically wears t-shirts, her favorite one being a white shirt reading, 'You can read!' in black bold letters. She wears a short red tartan skirt with purple leggings underneath. Her choice of footwear are black combat boots.

    Personality: Despite what Irene's appearance might suggest, she is not malicious or unpleasant. In fact, she's quite mild mannered and gets along well with most people (to their surprise). She is broad-minded and will accept people for who they are as long as they aren't hurting someone she cares about. Though she vandalizes and occasionally steals, she does have morals and hates it when someone intentionally goes out trying to harm another person. One might consider her a giant hypocrite, but she couldn't care less about it. In her mind, taking someone's gasoline is not the same as picking up a gun and shooting them in the shoulder for looking at her funny.

    Though Irene likes to think of herself as a good person, she lies quite a bit. She tries hard to only lie when necessary but that seems to slip her mind at times. Sometimes she'll even lie when it won't benefit her in any way, shape, or form. If one were to ask her why she lies so much, she wouldn't know the exact answer but instead make one up. Irene is quick-witted so she can easily improvise responses to questions that are thrown at her. The things she lies about are typically small things that wouldn't effect anything on a larger scale, though, so what's the harm?

    If she's ever caught in the act of something she shouldn't be doing, she attempts to worm her way out of the situation by being as sweet and charming as possible. That doesn't always work because more often than not she'll find herself dealing with someone who is either afraid of her or thinks her clothing and lifestyle choices are inferior to theirs, and for that she 'doesn't deserve to be respected'. Despite her unpleasant experiences, she continues to have a general love for other people and enjoys making conversation. One could assume this is a very important trait of hers, considering she's a taxi driver and completely silent rides can be melancholy.

    History: Irene was born in Wisconsin to two loving parents with whom she had a great relationship. They did sometimes bicker like any family would, but it wasn't often. Both her mother and father loved to travel so Irene was constantly switching schools after the third grade and her friendships never lasted very long. Irene was bothered with it at first and would leave her temporary homes in tears, not liking the fact that she would be remembered everywhere as "that new girl who left as soon as she got here". After a few years, though, she became accustomed to this and stopped having issues with it as long as she wasn't forced to say goodbye. That she could never do, so instead she slipped away without ever telling anyone she was going.

    Irene always met new people on the road and as a result of this she became very good at making conversations with both strangers and acquaintances. When Irene was around fourteen, she started dressing more outrageously due to her love of punk music and the general style that came with it. Her mother wasn't a big fan of it but her father didn't care. After all, he was the one who introduced her to the music. When Irene turned nineteen, her mother had developed back problems and could no longer move around all the time. Due to that, she and Irene's father settled in Minnesota. At this point, however, Irene was used to traveling and she had trouble staying in a single place for very long before getting bored of the environment.

    She decided to try to continue traveling by herself to see if that's what she wanted to do. Irene rented taxicabs in every area she stayed in as a way to earn money, since being a taxi driver allowed her to 'continue adventuring' while working at the same time. What did she do when she wasn't working or actively driving to a new location? She visited museums, libraries, shops, art galleries, trespassed into people's properties, graffiti'd walls, pretty much anything she could possibly think of. Though alone, she still enjoyed herself and kept doing what she had been doing for her entire life, staying in one location for a few months before picking up and going somewhere else. A couple of months after turning twenty-three, she decided to move from Salem, Oregon to Seattle, Washington.

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